Climate Science Archive

Justin Mankin, Columbia University – Declining Snowpacks

Ski resorts aren’t the only ones that depend on a good base of snow in the

Garth Heutel, Georgia State University – Solar Geoengineering

How does an economist look at climate change? Garth Heutel, assistant professor of economics at Georgia

Pierre McDonagh, University of Bath – Electric Cars

The electric car has yet to hit the mainstream. Pierre McDonagh, professor of marketing at the

John Rennie Short, University of Maryland Baltimore County – Western Wildfires

The western region of the US has been experiencing a rash of wildfires. John Rennie Short,

Jos Lelieveld, Mainz University – War and Air Quality

Can war make the air cleaner? Jos Lelieveld, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

Pietro Ceccato, Columbia – Battling Earthly Plagues from Space

New technology that monitors our environment are proving vital. Pietro Ceccato, a scientist at Columbia University’s

Rolf Vinebrook, UAlberta – Ecological Surprises

Human behavior is impacting climate change. Rolf Vinebrook, biologist at the University of Alberta, discusses his

Aron Stubbins, UGeorgia – Permafrost Melt Water Testing

Testing the melting permafrost of the Arctic is helping researchers learn more about climate change. Aron

Adam Sobel, Columbia – Madden-Julian Oscillation

  There’s very limited chance you’ve even heard of the Madden-Julian Oscillation. Adam Sobel, Columbia University

Rob Spencer, FSU – Permafrost

Thawing carbon in the arctic is presenting some potential problems. Rob Spencer, an oceanographer at FSU,