Climate Science Archive

Lori Hunter, UC Boulder – Environmental Migration

Climate change and the environment at large have a huge effect on everything. Lori Hunter, sociologist

Dylan McNamara, UNCW – Coastline Economics

The future of the coastline depends on more than just sand and water. Dylan McNamara, physicist and physical

A. Park Williams, Columbia University – Megadroughts

Droughts have been in the news a great deal of late. A. Park Williams, assistant research professor

Michael Rawlins, UMass Amherst – Climate Change 2015

Discussions of climate change are everywhere. Michael Rawlins, geoscientist at UMass Amherst, explores climate change in

Gabe Bowen, University of Utah – Ancient Warming Periods and Today

The climate has always been changing. Dr. Gabe Bowen, a geochemist at the University of Utah,

Cliff Ross, University of North Florida – Coral Reef Ecology

Today on The Academic Minute, the interconnectedness of nature is on full display. A marine biologist

Ian Hawes, University of Canterbury – Mapping Ice Algae with Underwater Drones

Ian Hawes and his team have a very hard job. Along with colleagues from Aarhus University

Kit Wesler, Murray State University – Archaeological Climate Perspectives

Interdisciplinary studies can provide insights heretofore unexamined. Kit Wesler, a professor of archaeology at Murray State

Richard Peltier, UMass Amherst – Indigenous Air Pollution

The term air pollution might evoke images of an industrialized city with many factories each with

Tim Volk, SUNY ESF – Renewable Biomass

We’re facing a worldwide energy crisis, but biomass might be a revolutionary renewable resource we’re looking