Monthly Archive:: October 2019

Joanne Dickson, Edith Cowan University – Negative Thoughts and the Ideal Self

It can be hard to stop ruminating on negative thoughts. Joanne Dickson, associate professor of psychology

Shady Amin, New York University Abu Dhabi – Chemical Signaling

How do organisms that don’t speak communicate with one another? Shady Amin, assistant professor of biology

Mike Gunter, Rollins College – Climate Change and Travel

To combat climate change, wider public support is needed. Mike Gunter, professor of international relations at

Bharath Ramkumar, SUNY Oneonta – Fast Fashion

Food isn’t the only product treatable as disposable in our society. Bharath Ramkumar, professor of human

This Week on The Academic Minute (2019.10.28)

Widener University Week on The Academic Minute 2019.10.28 Monday, October 28th Bharath Ramkumar of SUNY Oneonta

The Academic Minute for 2019.10.21-10.25

The Academic Minute from 10.21 – 10.25 Monday, October 21st Kenn Tacchino – Widener University Re-Thinking

Shana Maier, Widener University – Perceptions of the #MeToo Movement

On Widener University Week: Rape victim advocates often work behind the scenes of the #MeToo movement.

Mary Francis, Widener University – Addressing Gun Violence through Victim Perspectives

On Widener University Week: Each victim of gun violence has a story to tell. Mary Francis,

Yufeng Mao, Widener University – A Muslim vision of the Chinese Nation

On Widener University Week: Muslims have had an active history in China’s nation-building. Yufeng Mao, associate

Luke Ayers, Widener University – What Drives Our Food Choices?

On Widener University Week: Is it harder to avoid the temptation of food when you’re hungry?