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Elise Granek, Portland State University – Understanding the Impacts of Anthropogenic Stressors on the Ecosystems of Coastal Transition Zones

On Portland State University Week: Β The changing atmosphere is putting stresses on ecosystems. Elise Granek, associate

Elliott Gall, Portland State University – Improving Indoor Air Quality During Wildfire Smoke Events

On Portland State University Week: Β Wildfire smoke is a pervasive part of our future. Elliott Gall,

Kacy McKinney, Portland State University – Changing the Narrative Around Student Homelessness through Collaborative Comics

On Portland State University Week: Β Art can help disrupt stereotypes for students. Kacy McKinney, instructor of

Todd Ferry, Portland State University – Best Practices When Building Tiny Home Villages to Address Homelessness

On Portland State University Week: Addressing homelessness is critical. Todd Ferry, senior research associate, explains why

This Week on The Academic Minute (2022.03.28)

Portland State University Week on The Academic Minute 2022.03.28   Monday, March 28th Todd Ferry, senior

The Academic Minute for 2022.03.21-2022.03.25

  The Academic Minute from 03.21 – 03.25 Monday, March 21st Maurizio Valsania – University of

Timothy Abraham, Utica College – Brain-Based Teaching to Improve Student Learning

There are different ways to teach students in higher ed, but which is best? Tim Abraham,

Julie Boland, University of Michigan – Your Brainwaves on Zoom

Are you tired of being on Zoom calls? Julie Boland, professor of psychology, linguistics, and cognitive

Lewis Eliot, University of Oklahoma – Checking Privilege: Competing Anti-Slavery Thought in the British Empire

Banning slavery doesn’t end all of its vices. Lewis Eliot, assistant professor of history at the

Christoph Strobel, University of Massachusetts Lowell – A State Flag and the Violent History of Colonization

Symbols of the past that reflect negative historical traits are found beyond the South. Christoph Strobel,