Climate Science Archive

Brian King, Penn State University – Climate Change and the Fight against HIV

How does food scarcity affect the treatment of HIV? Brian King, associate professor in the department

Firmin DeBrabander, Maryland College Institute of Art – Why Climate Change is a Hard Sell in the U.S.

Climate change is no easy sell to many Americans. Firmin DeBrabander, professor of philosophy at the

Jessica Oster, Vanderbilt University – Caves Hold Clues to Climate Change

Climate change doesn’t always happen over a long period of time. Jessica Oster, assistant professor in

Lenore Fahrig, Carleton University – Habitat Fragmentation

The more habitat you protect, the better, right? Lenore Fahrig, professor of biology at Carleton University,

Michael Mann, Penn State University – Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Is climate change causing more extreme weather events? Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Meteorology and Director

Michael Mann, George Washington University – Local Weather and Belief in Climate Change

Does the local weather determine if you believe in global warming? Michael Mann, assistant professor in

Robert Brecha, University of Dayton – Home Energy Consumption and Solar Power

How do we make our homes more efficient? Robert Brecha, professor in the renewable and clean

Joel Cohen, University of Chicago – Tornado Outbreaks

Are more tornadoes occurring than ever before? Joel Cohen, Visiting Scholar in the Department of Statistics

Reed Scherer, Northern Illinois University – Fossils and Rising Sea Levels

Ice sheets are vulnerable to melting in a warming world. Reed Scherer, professor of geology at

Lewis Davis, Union College – Climate Culture and Economic Development

Are individualistic societies richer or poorer than collectivist ones? Lewis Davis, professor of economics at Union