Monthly Archive:: April 2014

Lee Newman, SUNY ESF – Using Plants to Address Environmental Issues

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is having significant consequences on our environment. Dr. Lee Newman, associate

Marco Bisoffi, Chapman University – Thinking Outside the Tumor

Studying the area surrounding a cancerous tumor may provide new medical insights. Dr. Marco Bisoffi, associate

DJ Pisano, West Virginia University – Galaxy Gas and Star Production

Where do galaxies get their gas? D.J. Pisano, assistant professor in the Department of Physics and

Anne Murphy, Georgia State University – Infant and Adult Pain Response

Does the pain felt by an infant affect them later in life? Anne Murphy, associate professor

Nicholas Leadbeater, University of Connecticut – Scarcity of Helium

You may be surprised to learn of the widespread uses of helium. Nicholas Leadbeater, associate professor

Susan Thomson, Colgate University – 20th Anniversary of Genocide in Rwanda

It has been 20 years since the genocide in Rwanda. Susan Thomson, assistant professor of peace

Joanne Dickson, University of Liverpool – Depression and Goals

How does depression affect one’s personal goals? Joanne Dickson, research director on the Doctorate of Clinical

Jayanth Banavar, University of Maryland – Geometry of Life

The constraints of physical shape have helped guide life’s evolutionary path. Jayanth Banavar, dean of the

Jessica Remedios, Tufts University – The Stigma of Prejudice

Prejudice is a highly complicated and nuanced concept. Dr. Jessica Remedios, assistant professor of psychology at

John Roe, University of North Carolina Pembrooke – Declining Leatherback Turtle Population

The leatherback turtle population is getting some much needed help. Dr. John Roe, assistant professor of