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Nina Johnson, Swarthmore College – The Impact of Mass Incarceration

On Swarthmore College Week: Low incomes, high crime rates.  How does a neighborhood change for the

Edwin Mayorga, Swarthmore College – Mental Health of Latinx Youth

On Swarthmore College Week: Latinx youth is a growing population that faces tough challenges. Edwin Mayorga,

Syd Carpenter, Swarthmore College – Art and the Black Farmer

On Swarthmore College Week: The work of black farmers can be underrepresented. Syd Carpenter, professor of

Syon Bhanot, Swarthmore College – Putting Behavioral Science to Work

On Swarthmore College Week: Academics can have an impact in the community. Syon Bhanot, assistant professor

Swarthmore College Week on The Academic Minute (2019.02.25)

Swarthmore College Week on The Academic Minute 2019.02.25 Monday, February 25th Syon Bhanot examines how behavioral

The Academic Minute for 2019.02.18-02.22

Academic Minute from 02.18 – 02.22 Monday, February 18th Alicia Simmons – Colgate University Politicians and

David Olson, University of California Davis – Psychedelics as Treatment for Depression

LSD could be your future treatment for depression. David E. Olson, assistant professor in the Department

Frans von der Dunk, University of Nebraska-Lincoln – Rights to the Moon

Will we go to war over the moon? Frans von der Dunk, professor of space law

Jennifer Harman, Colorado State University – Parental Alienation

Parental alienation can have long term consequences. Jennifer Harman, associate professor of psychology at Colorado State

Kurt Amsler, New York Institute of Technology – Averting the Imminent Physician-Scientist Shortage

Medical innovations are on a downward trend. Kurt Amsler, professor of biomedical sciences at the New