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Peter Jaskiewicz, Concordia University – Family Businesses

Tightly held companies and corporations are often controlled by a small group of family members. As

Veronica Davidov featured on The Best of Our Knowledge

As always, host Bob Barrett selects an Academic Minute to air during The Best of Our

Jason Moser, MSU – The Psychology of Optimism

Some people are inherently pessimistic. Others tend to focus on the positive and maintain a sunny

Liz Cirulli, Duke Medicine – Contagious Yawns

Yawns are something of a physiological mystery. Elizabeth Cirulli, an assistant professor of medicine at Duke

Sam Maglio, University of Toronto Scarborough – The Effect of Names

Names, specifically how names sound, have great influence over their perception. Sam Maglio, assistant professor of

Carlos Varela, RPI – Improved Auto-Pilot Technology

“We have computers that can beat the best human Jeopardy! players, and yet we rely on

Welcome to WRUC and WGSU

The Academic Minute is pleased to welcome two new stations into the family: WGSU 89.3 –

Keith Robinson, UT Austin – Parental Involvement in Early Education

Eager parents looking to lend a helping hand in their children’s education might take a hard

Paul Selden, University of Kansas – Studying Spider Fossils

Many people are scared of spiders. But, Paul Selden, professor of invertebrate paleontology at the University

Brian Wansink, Cornell University – Early Athleticism

Playing a high school sport is a great start to a long, healthy life. Brian Wansink,