Natalie Brito, New York University – Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Infant Gut Microbiome

On New York University Week: The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone, even infants. Natalie Brito, associate professor

Adolfo Cuevas, New York University – Discrimination as a Social Determinant of Obesity

On New York University Week: Social stressors can lead to many bad outcomes. Adolfo Cuevas, assistant

Joseph Cimpian, New York University – Misleading Numbers: Examining Data Reliability in Public Health

On New York University Week: Data can be very important, but it needs to be correct.

This Week on The Academic Minute (2023.12.04)

New York University Week on The Academic Minute 2023.12.04   Monday Joseph Cimpian, professor of economics

The Academic Minute for 2023.11.27-2023.12.01

The Academic Minute from 11.27 – 12.01 Monday Jay Zagorsky – Boston University Can Important Unions

Chris Damman, University of Washington – Nourishing Health and Community: The Microbiome Link

You are what you eat is true for our microbiome. Chris Damman, clinical associate professor of

James Scott, Albertus Magnus College – Penetrating the Blue Wall of Silence

People in stressful jobs often don’t get the mental health help they need. James Scott, assistant

Alauna Safarpour, Gettysburg College – Taking Perspective: Reducing Prejudice in Politics

Reducing prejudice brings many benefits for society. Alauna Safarpour, assistant professor of political science at Gettysburg

Marie-Claire Beaulieu, Tufts University – Greek Mythology in the Garden

Next time you’re in your garden, think Greek. Marie-Claire Beaulieu, associate professor of classical studies at

Jay Zagorsky, Boston University – Can Important Unions Collapse and Disappear

Unions can seem very strong, until they’re not. Jay Zagorsky, clinical associate professor at the Questrom