Marilynn Desmond, Binghamton University – Christine de Pizan on Gender and Warfare in the Middle Ages

Writers who lived through war can help bring different perspectives to these conflicts. Marilynn Desmond, distinguished

Arianna Maffei, Stony Brook University – Children’s Food Experiences Shapes Grown-Ups’ Taste Preferences

Why do we like the food we like as adults? Arianna Maffei, professor of neurobiology and

Wolf Gruner, University of Southern California – #LastSeen Project: Unknown Pictures, Untold Stories of the Holocaust

Photos of the Holocaust are still being found. Wolf Gruner, Shapell-Guerin Chair in Jewish studies and

Moussa N’Gom, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Optics: The Future of Computation and Medicine

Light can be a useful and non-invasive tool in medicine. Moussa N’Gom, assistant professor in the

This Week on The Academic Minute (2023.03.27)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2023.03.27   Monday Moussa N’Gom, assistant professor in the department

The Academic Minute for 2023.03.20-2023.03.24

The Academic Minute from 3.20 – 3.24 Monday Oladele Ogunseitan – University of California, Irvine Disentangling

Britteny Howell, University of Alaska Anchorage – What We Need to Age Healthy May Be The Hardest Things to Obtain

Your physical space is very important as you age. Britteny Howell, assistant professor of health sciences

Ted Hadzi-Antich, Austin Community College – Asking the Great Questions at Community Colleges

Students come into higher education institutions with a lot of questions about their futures  Ted Hadzi-Antich,

David Bakhurst, Queen’s University – Why Education Matters to Philosophy

The field of philosophy is changing. David Bakhurst, Charlton professor of philosophy at Queen’s University, Ontario,

Jerald Podair, Lawrence University – When History Rhymes

Being a sore loser in a presidential race has historical precedent. Jerald Podair, professor of history