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Christina Edholm, Scripps College – Traveling and Disease Outbreaks

On Scripps College Week:  Gaining more information on disease outbreaks will be crucial for the future.

Nicholas Kacher, Scripps College – Rising Home Prices

On Scripps College Week:  Is there a catch to rising home prices? Nicholas Kacher, assistant professor

Branwen Williams, Scripps College – Global Warming

On Scripps College Week:  How much of recent global warming would have happened without humans? Branwen

Jennifer Groscup, Scripps College – Consent to Search

On Scripps College Week:  Do you have to let the government search you? Jennifer Groscup, associate

Shannan Mattiace, Allegheny College – Drug Wars and Criminal Violence in Mexico

On Allegheny College Week:  What keeps homicide rates down from drug traffickers in some Mexican municipalities?

Eric Pallant, Allegheny College – There is a lot to Learn From Sourdough Bread

On Allegheny College Week:  We have lots to learn from sourdough bread. Eric Pallant, professor of

Caryl E. Waggett, Allegheny College – Links Between Lead Poisoning and Food Insecurity

On Allegheny College Week:  There are links between lead poisoning and food insecurity. Caryl Waggett, associate

Janyl Jumadinova, Allegheny College – A Submersible Robot that Tests Water Quality

On Allegheny College Week:  Water testing is an important resource. Janyl Jumadinova, assistant professor in the

Brian Harward, Allegheny College – Congressional Responsiveness to Presidential Unilateralism

On Allegheny College Week:  The executive branch and Congress have different ideas of presidential power. Brian

Terry Gipson, SUNY New Paltz – How Art Can Help Us Improve Our Communication Skills

Can art help you improve your communication skills? Terry Gipson, lecturer in the department of communications