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Duane Loynes, Rhodes College – Black Communities and Law Enforcement

On Rhodes College Week:Β  How do we heal the divide between black communities and law enforcement?

Kendra Hotz, Rhodes College – Redlined Neighborhoods and Health Outcomes

On Rhodes College Week:Β  Social inequalities and health match up together on maps of Memphis. Kendra

Sara Freeman, Utah State University – Oxytocin, Part One

On Part 1 of 2 of our Oxytocin Series:Β  Which regions of the brain affect the

Alexandros Tsamis, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Future of Cities

What will cities look like in the future? Alexandros Tsamis, assistant professor of architecture at Rensselaer

Richard Barberio, SUNY Oneonta – What Can Scandal Tell Us About Presidential Power

U.S. Presidents have a long history of scandals. Richard Barberio, associate professor of political science at

Marie Rudden, Weill Cornell Medical College – Labor/Management Partnerships

How do we bridge the gap between labor and management? Marie Rudden, clinical assistant professor of

The Academic Minute for 2021.01.11-2021.01.15

  The Academic Minute from 01.11 – 01.15 Monday, January 11th Elizabeth Brown – Bentley University

Betsy Stoner, Bentley University – Microplastics

On Bentley University Week: There’s even more plastic in the ocean than we think. Betsy Stoner,

Laurel Steinfield, Bentley University – Multinational Corporations and Women’s Economic Empowerment

On Bentley University Week:Β  When big corporations try to do some good, some question their motives.

Mateo Cruz, Bentley University – Response to Systemic Stereotype Threat

On Bentley University Week: There are many challenges for women in STEM fields. Β Mateo Cruz, Mateo