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Greg Hoplamazian, Loyola University Maryland – Marketing During the Pandemic

On Loyola University Maryland Week: How does a brand market effectively during a pandemic? Greg Hoplamazian,

Ann Lusk, Harvard University – Cycle Tracks

Design is key to increasing the use of bicycles in lower-income neighborhoods. Anne Lusk, research scientist

Maria Antonia Rodriguez, Northcentral University – DASH Diet

It’s hard following a diet, even if it’s for medical reasons. Maria Antonia Rodriguez, associate professor

Kevin Woo, SUNY Empire University – The Importance of Urban Ecology and Conservation

Marine mammals can be biomarkers for the health of an ecosystem. Kevin Woo, associate professor of

Gina Baleria, Sonoma State University – Digital Literacy

Digital literacy skills suddenly have become very important to learning. Gina Baleria, assistant professor in the

Trysh Travis, University of Florida – Magical Thinking

How are we dealing with the pandemic? Trysh Travis, associate professor at the center for gender,

Amber Hutchins, Kennesaw State University – Brand Fans

On Kennesaw State University Week: Are people “fans” of certain brands? Amber Hutchins, associate professor of

William Thomas Okie, Kennesaw State University – Georgia Peaches

On Kennesaw State University Week: How can something rare become a lasting symbol for a state?

Jack Labriola, Kennesaw State University – Taking Control of Autonomous Vehicles

On Kennesaw State University Week:  Driverless cars are already on our roads, whether we realize it

Robert Simon, Kennesaw State University – Fado

On Kennesaw State University Week:  Messages of protest can be hidden in seemingly innocuous places. Robert