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Katherine McLean, Penn State University – Crime on Campus

On Penn State University Week: Increasing student engagement can make a better campus climate. Katherine McLean,

Justine Lindemann, Penn State University – Mapping the Classroom as Community

On Penn State University Week: Professors can learn a lot by seeing how students are interacting.

Bill Goffe, Penn State University – Deliberate Practice and Teaching

On Penn State University Week: How do we make students more active in their learning? Bill

The Academic Minute for 2021.04.05-2021.04.09

  The Academic Minute from 04.05 – 04.09 Monday, April 5th Matt Hendley – SUNY Oneonta What

Aimée Delaney, Worcester State University – Norms of Violence

Violence has a negative effect on youth. Aimée Delaney, associate professor of criminal justice at Worcester

Peter Belmi, University of Virginia – Objectification at Work

How does the culture of the workplace affect objectification of employees? Peter Belmi, assistant professor of

Jorge Contreras, University of Utah – Open COVID Pledge

Battling COVID-19 takes a team of people. Jorge L. Contreras, professor of law at the University

Ryan Meldrum, Florida International University – Digital Self-Harm

Bullies aren’t the only people causing harm online. Ryan Meldrum, associate professor in the department of

Matt Hendley, SUNY Oneonta – What if the U.S. Followed the Westminster Parliamentary Model?

What if the U.S. government was more like the United Kingdom’s? Matthew Hendley, professor of history

The Academic Minute for 2021.03.29-2021.04.02

  The Academic Minute from 03.29 – 04.02 Monday, March 29th Sarah Jones – University of West