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The Academic Minute for 2021.07.26-2021.07.30

  The Academic Minute from 07.26 – 07.30 Monday, July 26th Jerry Malayer –Β Oklahoma State University

Rodney Yoder, Goucher College – Building a Miniature Electron Accelerator Powered by Heat

In the future, CERN might be able to fit on your table. Rodney Yoder, associate professor

Bas Rokers, NYU Abu Dhabi – Your Brain on Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is here, but does it work for everyone? Bas Rokers, associate professor of psychology

Megan Downing, Northern Kentucky University – Philanthropy and Benefits to Students

Giving back is a powerful way to help a community. Megan Downing, associate professor of organizational

Caitlin Clark, Colorado State University – Chocolate Flavor Through Fermentation

On this Student Spotlight: Fermentation isn’t just for alcohol. Caitlin Clark, Instructor and Ph.D student in

Jerry Malayer, Oklahoma State University – Why Do We Do Research on Infectious Microbes?

Why do we do research on highly infectious microbes? Jerry Malayer, professor in the department of

This Week on The Academic Minute (2021.07.26)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2021.07.26   Monday, July 26th Jerry Malayer, professor in the

The Academic Minute for 2021.07.19-2021.07.23

  The Academic Minute from 07.19 – 07.23 Monday, July 19th Ali Hamza –Β Widener University Understanding

Dawn Gulick, Widener University – Innovating a Safer Way to Compete

On Widener University Week:Β  Even elite athletes have been adversely affected by COVID-19. Dawn Gulick, professor

Yamuna Baburaj, Widener University – How Companies Can Best Utilize Star Employees

On Widener University Week: Star employees are a boon to a company, but only if they