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Sarah Gardner, Mercer University – Reading During The Civil War

On Mercer University Week:  In tough times, it can helpful to bury your nose in a

Melanie Pavich, Mercer University – Gentrification and African-American History

On Mercer University Week:  History is disappearing off the Georgia coast. Melanie Pavich, associate professor of

Nader Moniri, Mercer University – Combating Parkinson’s Disease

On Mercer University Week:  We might need to change how we combat Parkinson’s Disease. Nader Moniri,

Jennifer Barkin, Mercer University – Measuring How New Mothers Are Functioning

On Mercer University Week:  A test to determine how new mothers are functioning is here. Jennifer

This Week on The Academic Minute (2020.04.27)

Mercer University Week on The Academic Minute 2019.04.27 Monday, April 27th Jennifer Barkin, associate professor of

The Academic Minute for 2020.04.20-2020.04.24

The Academic Minute from 04.20 – 04.24 Monday, April 20th Corey Walker – University of Richmond

Kenneth Ruscio, University of Richmond – The Founders Hoped for the Best and Prepared for the Worst

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: Did our Founding Fathers plan for the best or

Jessica Flanigan, University of Richmond – The Case Against Voting for Charisma

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: The best leaders aren’t always the charismatic ones. Jessica

Tom Shields, University of Richmond – Unexpected Benefits of School Re-Zoning

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: School segregation is still happening, but in a different

Julian Hayter, University of Richmond – Segregation and the Suburbs

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: You don’t have look far to the past to