Monthly Archive:: November 2022

Emily Schlickman, University of California, Davis – A Case for Wildfire Retreat

The risk of wildfires will force big decisions for residents in the near future. Emily Schlickman,

Hala Altamimi, University of Kansas – Is Nonprofit Overhead a Need or Greed?

Non-profits can struggle with spending issues in myriad ways. Hala Altamimi, discusses one such instance. Hala

Jun Wu, University of California, Irvine – Examining Effects of Environment on Preterm Birth

Nature or nurture? Today on The Academic Minute: Jun Wu, professor of environment and occupational health

This Week on The Academic Minute (2022.11.28)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2022.11.28   Monday, November 28th Jun Wu, professor of environment

The Academic Minute for 2022.11.21-2022.11.25

  The Academic Minute from 11.21 – 11.25 Monday, November 21st Michael Mannheimer – Northern Kentucky

Colleen Kirk, New York Institute of Technology – Psychological Ownership and Shopping

How can companies avoid offending shoppers who are psychologically invested in their products? Colleen Kirk, assistant

Philip Sponenberg, Virginia Maryland Regional College of Vet Medicine – Geese & Turkeys

Dr. Phillip Sponenberg has become our resident zoology expert contributing previous pieces on domestic extinction,Β Choctaw hogs,

Joel Frohlich, University of Tubingen – How to Spot Pseudoscience in an Age of Conspiracy Theories

Spotting pseudoscience can be key to staying correctly informed in today’s world. Today on The Academic

Terri Kurtzberg, Rutgers Business School – Deception by Device

Does your device change how you interact with people online? Terri Kurtzberg, professor of management and

Joshua Rhee, University of California, Irvine – Tobacco and Cannabis Retailer Locations

On this Student Spotlight: Location matters, especially so for tobacco retailers. Joshua Rhee, Ph. D student