Climate Science Archive

Jack Ridge, Tufts University – Geologic Time

The Earth is a few billion years old and a lot has transpired during that time.

Dan Baker, University of Colorado – Inclement Space Weather

We’ve come very close to an interstellar calamity. Dr. Daniel Baker, a physicist at UC Boulder,

Ole Hertel, Aarhus University – Air Pollution Modeling

If you’re reading this right now,  chances are, you’ve just taken a breath. Oxygen is one

Mark Hunter, University of Michigan – Flourishing Despite Climate Change

Naturally, species react differently to climate change. Dr. Mark Hunter, a professor in the Department of

Denise Dearing, University of Utah – Pikas Adapting to Climate Change

“They may be more resistant to climate change than we thought” says Dr. Denise Dearing in

Paul Hearty, UNC Wilmington – Climate Change Patterns

What’s the best way to study climate change? Paul Hearty, associate professor in the Environmental Studies

Hans Meltofte, Aarhus University – Arctic Biodiversity Threatened By Climate Change

Rising temperatures are threatening the biodiversity of the Arctic. Dr. Hans Meltofte, senior scientist at Denmark’s

Frederic Bouchard, Université Laval – Canada’s Lakes Move Toward Widespread Dessication

A decrease in the amount of snowfall in Canada may have far reaching results. Dr. Frederic