Monthly Archive:: September 2022

David Richardson, University of California Irvine – The Effects of Lung Cancer and Radon in Uranium Miners

Even low level exposure to radon gas can have harmful impacts. David Richardson, professor of environmental

Timothy Hampton, University of California Berkeley – Cheerfulness, Then and Now

Have you been cheerful lately? Timothy Hampton, Aldo Scaglione and Marie M. Burns Distinguished Professor of

Aram Goudsouzian, University of Memphis – Bill Russell and the Basketball Revolution

Certain people can change the game they play all by themselves. Aram Goudsouzian, professor of history

Magnus Course, University of Edinburgh – The End of Purgatory

The meaning of Purgatory in the Catholic faith seems to be shifting over time. Magnus Course,

Frank McAndrew, Knox College – Is Physically Risky Heroism a ‘Guy Thing’?

Is physically risky heroism a guy thing? Frank McAndrew, Cornelia H. Dudley Professor of Psychology at

This Week on The Academic Minute (2022.09.26)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2022.09.26   Monday, September 26th Frank McAndrew, Cornelia H. Dudley

The Academic Minute for 2022.09.19-2022.09.23

  The Academic Minute from 09.19 – 09.23 Monday, September 19th Alana Jaydel – Fresno City

John Caskey, Swarthmore College – Concentrated Urban Poverty

Why does poverty hit certain areas harder than others? John Caskey, Joseph Wharton professor of economics

Dave Smallen, Metropolitan State University – Social Connection Matters – And There are Many Ways to Connect

How do we connect with others? Dave Smallen, research psychologist and community faculty in psychology at

Sebastian Hohenberg, University of Munster – Virtual Reality Can Boost Firms’ New Product Development

Virtual reality can be a tough sell for businesses outside the tech bubble. Sebastian Hohenberg, full