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Ann Lusk, Harvard University – Cycle Tracks

Design is key to increasing the use of bicycles in lower-income neighborhoods. Anne Lusk, research scientist

Maria Antonia Rodriguez, Northcentral University – DASH Diet

It’s hard following a diet, even if it’s for medical reasons. Maria Antonia Rodriguez, associate professor

Kevin Woo, SUNY Empire University – The Importance of Urban Ecology and Conservation

Marine mammals can be biomarkers for the health of an ecosystem. Kevin Woo, associate professor of

Gina Baleria, Sonoma State University – Digital Literacy

Digital literacy skills suddenly have become very important to learning. Gina Baleria, assistant professor in the

Trysh Travis, University of Florida – Magical Thinking

How are we dealing with the pandemic? Trysh Travis, associate professor at the center for gender,

This Week on The Academic Minute (2020.07.27)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2019.07.27 Monday, July 27th Trysh Travis, associate professor at the

The Academic Minute for 2020.07.20-2020.07.24

  The Academic Minute from 07.20 – 07.24 Monday, July 20th Allison L. Martin – Kennesaw

Amber Hutchins, Kennesaw State University – Brand Fans

On Kennesaw State University Week: Are people β€œfans” of certain brands? Amber Hutchins, associate professor of

William Thomas Okie, Kennesaw State University – Georgia Peaches

On Kennesaw State University Week: How can something rare become a lasting symbol for a state?

Jack Labriola, Kennesaw State University – Taking Control of Autonomous Vehicles

On Kennesaw State University Week:Β  Driverless cars are already on our roads, whether we realize it