Climate Science Archive

Luke Fowler, Boise State University – Environmentalism and Politics

Different regions of the U.S. think of environmental issues differently. Luke Fowler, assistant professor in the

Stephanie Pfirman, Barnard College – Games and Climate Change

New ways of communicating the effects of climate change are needed. Stephanie Pfirman, professor of environmental

Peter Weiss, University of California Santa Cruz – Mercury in California’s Fog

Why is there mercury in California’s fog? Peter Weiss, research associate at the University of California

Jaime Palter, University of Rhode Island – The Great Ocean Conveyor and Europe’s Winters

Could a cooldown be coming to Europe? Jaime Palter, assistant professor of oceanography at the University of

Jon Hawkings, University of Bristol – Greenland’s Ice Sheet

The ice sheets that cover Greenland are changing rapidly in a warming world. Jon Hawkings, research

Tim Cook, Worcester State University – Hurricane Irene Erosion

While the West is drying out, the Northeastern U.S. is getting wetter. Tim Cook, Assistant Professor

Sean Gulick, University of Texas at Austin – Effect of Climate on Mountain Building

What can erosion tell us about climate change? Sean Gulick, a geophysicist at the Jackson School

Justin Mankin, Columbia University – Declining Snowpacks

Ski resorts aren’t the only ones that depend on a good base of snow in the

Garth Heutel, Georgia State University – Solar Geoengineering

How does an economist look at climate change? Garth Heutel, assistant professor of economics at Georgia

Pierre McDonagh, University of Bath – Electric Cars

The electric car has yet to hit the mainstream. Pierre McDonagh, professor of marketing at the