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Michele Coscia, Harvard University – The Importance of Memetics

Before there was – the definitive encyclopedia of internet tropes, the concept of memes needed

Erika Berg, North Dakota State University – Equine Therapy

Can interaction with horses hold the key to helping those afflicted with psychological disorders? Dr. Erika

Kristen Malecki, University of Wisconsin Madison – Green Space Awareness

A few weeks ago, The Academic Minute featured research touting the health benefits of green space.

Lisa Huisman Koops, Case Western Reserve University – Mobile Music Making

Car rides might be the optimal time to engage children musically. Dr. Lisa Huisman Koops, associate

Robin Soster, University of Arkansas – The Bottom Dollar Effect

Is the satisfaction of one’s purchase dependent upon the money left after the transaction is complete?

Patrick Forber, Tufts University – Evolution of Spite

Evolutionary theorists, by contrast, are studying what might be viewed as the brighter side of spite,

David Rosenbaum, Penn State – Precrastination

People cite procrastination as a major factor influencing productivity in a negative way. Dr. David Rosenbaum,

Robert Latzman, Georgia State University – Chimps Have Personality

It’s common knowledge that chimpanzees are one of human’s closest relatives in the animal kingdom. Robert

Steven Schandler, Chapman University – The Genetics of Addiction

The effects of alcoholism and addiction reach far beyond the person afflicted with the disease. Steven

Justin Hollander, Tufts University – The Subconscious City

Human psychology and neurological processes are rarely considered when drawing up blueprints for buildings. But, research