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Ivan de Araujo – Yale University – Craving Calories

Are humans hard-wired to crave sweet treats? Dr. Ivan de Araujo, an associate professor of psychiatry

Pamela Keel, FSU – Facebook and Eating Disorders

A lot is being written about the psychological effects of social media. Dr. Pamela Keel, a

David Pincus, Chapman University – Fractal Psychological Processes

Fractals are naturally occurring patterns that replicate in a self-similar manner. But, as Chapman University psychologist

Jason Moser, MSU – The Psychology of Optimism

Some people are inherently pessimistic. Others tend to focus on the positive and maintain a sunny

Jodie Plumert, University of Iowa – Understanding Safety

How a child learns about the concept of safety depends greatly on the conversations they have

Josep Marco-Pallar├ęs, University of Barcelona – Musical Anhedonia

Music is generally regarded as one of the most pleasurable stimuli we, as humans, experience. Music’s

Anne Warlaumont, UC Merced – Positive Feedback Loop

Studying the communicative relationship that parents share with their children is a great way to understand

Keith Johnson, Oakton Community College – Microaggression

Racism isn’t always an overt display of prejudiced behavior or language. Microaggression is a term coined

Jane Costello, Duke University – Sharing the Wealth

Does profit sharing improve the community at large? In today’s Academic Minute, Jane Costello, a professor

Matt Lapierre, UNC Wilmington – Marketing to Kids

There’s a wide array of kid’s products and videos claiming to be educational. Matt Lapierre, assistant