Psychology Archive

Norah Feeny, Case Western Reserve University – PTSD Resilience

Exposure to trauma doesn’t necessarily dictate PTSD for the victim. Dr. Norah Feeny, professor of psychology

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Can we accurate codify why things make us laugh? Dr. Peter McGraw of the University of

Nancy Low, McGill University – Inactivity and Depression

Can leading a sedentary lifestyle contribute to depression? Dr. Nancy Low,Β assistant professor in the department of

Georgia Panagiotaki, University of East Anglia – How Culture Shapes Understanding

Many factors influence how a child understands and interprets the human body and its related physical

Muhammed Khalifa, Michigan State University – Hip Hop Culture Identities

As hip hop culture expands, schools are expanding with it. Dr. Muhammad Khalifa, assistant professor of

Joanne Dickson, University of Liverpool – Depression and Goals

How does depression affect one’s personal goals? Joanne Dickson, research director on the Doctorate of Clinical

Jessica Remedios, Tufts University – The Stigma of Prejudice

Prejudice is a highly complicated and nuanced concept. Dr. Jessica Remedios, assistant professor of psychology at

Larissa Samuelson, University of Iowa – Play With Your Food

Maybe you should let your children play with their food! It seems like a mess just

Jeffrey Froh, Hofstra University – The Benefits of Gratitude

The feeling of gratitude can positively influence all the other factors of one’s life. Dr. Jeffrey

Michael Inzlicht, University of Toronto – The Science of Self-Control

Is there a measurable limit to the amount of self-control each person possesses? Dr. Michael Inzlicht,