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Volker Thoma, University of East London – Recognizing Faces

The way the brain processes faces, especially familiar faces, is still something of a mystery. Volker

Steven Barger, Northern Arizona University – Relationships & Depression

Do the people who surround you have sizable impact on your mental health? Dr. Steven Barger,

Jean M. Twenge, SDSU – A Corrision of Trust

As a population, it seems we’re growing less and less trusting. Dr. Jean M. Twenge, psychologist

Steven Soifer, University of Memphis – Paruresis

Certain afflictions are embarrassing to discuss. Because of this, they remain untreated and can often worsen.

Gary Small, UCLA – Teens and Screens

Smart phones are everywhere these days. It seems anywhere you turn, you’ll find someone with their

Spike Lee, University of Toronto – Framing Love

Flowery depictions of transcendent love have inspired some of the finest art we have. But, is

Allison Redlich, University at Albany – Mental Health Courts

“There is consistent evidence that MHCs reduce arrests and number of days in jail, however the

Kenneth Hugdahl, University of Bergen – Auditory Hallucinations

There are quite a few films that utilize auditory hallucinations as a indicator of a character’s

Michele Gelfand, University of Maryland – American Regionalism

It’s Election Day in the US and all across the country, voters will be casting ballots

Andrew Gallup, SUNY Oneonta – Yawns are Cool

Yawns confuse scientists. We’re not exactly sure what they are or why we yawn. We know