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Daniel Reinholz, San Diego State University – Reducing Implicit Bias in Teaching

Even highly skilled teachers can have an unknown bias. Daniel Reinholz, assistant professor of mathematics education

Randy Stein, Cal Poly Pomona – Personality Quizzes

How many personality quizzes do you take online? Randy Stein, assistant professor of marketing at Cal

Craig Mattson, Trinity College – Better Feeling for a Better World

Some companies offer a side dish of positive social impact with each purchase. Craig Mattson, professor

Darcey Powell, Roanoke College – Prenatal Expectations

On Roanoke College Week: Soon-to-be parents’ expectations are usually out of touch with reality. Darcey Powell,

Lindsey Osterman, Roanoke College – Perceptions of Actors after #MeToo

On Roanoke College Week: In the wake of the MeToo movement, many have had to rethink

Loren Toussaint, Luther College – Forgiveness

Want to reduce your stress?  Try forgiveness. Loren Toussaint, professor of psychology at Luther College, explains

Jing Hu, University of Toronto – Two Ways of Time Estimation

There is more than one way to think of time. Jing Hu, Ph.D. student in Organizational

Erin O’Mara, University of Dayton – Bragging and Modesty on Social Media

Social media gives a big opportunity to brag about yourself.  But should you? Erin O’Mara, associate

Julia Strand, Carleton College – Presence and Timing of Speech

On Carleton College Week: You could hear this more clearly if you could see me talking.

Jacob Sawyer, Penn State Mont Alto – A Comparison of Atheists and Believers during Bereavement

Is a belief in God necessary for coping with the death of a loved one? Jacob