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David Newman, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences – Conservatives Report Greater Meaning In Life

On this Student Spotlight during USC Dornsife Week: Social conservatives find the most meaning in life.

Sarah Raskin, Trinity College – Prospective Memory

On Trinity College Week:  Where are my keys again? Sarah Raskin, professor of psychology and neuroscience,

Kristin Brethel-Haurwitz, University of Pennsylvania – Altruism and Kidney Donation

Why are some more altruistic than others? Kristin Brethel-Haurwitz, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Pennsylvania,

Seth Frey, University of California Davis – Poker

What can poker experts tell us? Seth Frey, assistant professor of communication at the University of

Nina Johnson, Swarthmore College – The Impact of Mass Incarceration

On Swarthmore College Week: Low incomes, high crime rates.  How does a neighborhood change for the

Edwin Mayorga, Swarthmore College – Mental Health of Latinx Youth

On Swarthmore College Week: Latinx youth is a growing population that faces tough challenges. Edwin Mayorga,

Syon Bhanot, Swarthmore College – Putting Behavioral Science to Work

On Swarthmore College Week: Academics can have an impact in the community. Syon Bhanot, assistant professor

David Olson, University of California Davis – Psychedelics as Treatment for Depression

LSD could be your future treatment for depression. David E. Olson, assistant professor in the Department

Jennifer Harman, Colorado State University – Parental Alienation

Parental alienation can have long term consequences. Jennifer Harman, associate professor of psychology at Colorado State

Daniel Reinholz, San Diego State University – Reducing Implicit Bias in Teaching

Even highly skilled teachers can have an unknown bias. Daniel Reinholz, assistant professor of mathematics education