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Carrie Palmquist, Amherst College – Differences in Snap Judgments Between Children and Adults

On Amherst College Week: Do kids react differently to faces than adults? Carrie Palmquist, assistant professor

Catherine Sanderson, Amherst College – Bystander Effect

On Amherst College Week: Why is the bystander effect so prevalent? Catherine Sanderson, professor of psychology,

F. Chris Curran, University of Maryland Baltimore County – School Resource Officers and Discipline

More and more schools have law enforcement in the hallways. F. Chris Curran, assistant professor of

Marc Zimmerman, University of Michigan – Busy Streets Theory

What is the best to improve neighborhood safety? Marc Zimmerman, professor of public health at the

Hilda Speicher, Albertus Magnus College – Stigmatizing Single Adults

The stigmas against staying single are breaking down. Hilda Speicher, professor of psychology at Albertus Magnus

Jamie Maguire, Tufts University – Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is understudied. Jamie Maguire, assistant professor of neuroscience at Tufts University School of Medicine,

Steven Pirutinsky, Touro College – Benefits of Volunteering for Older Adults

Is volunteering beneficial for everyone? Steven Pirutinsky, assistant professor in the graduate school of social work

Dominik Guss, University of North Florida – Patience Across Cultures

The meaning of patience is not consistent across cultures. C. Dominik Guss, professor of psychology at

Vera Tobin, Case Western Reserve University – Plot Twists

No spoilers please! Vera Tobin, assistant professor of cognitive science at Case Western Reserve University, examines

Lambrianos Nikiforidis, SUNY Oneonta – Do Parents Have a Favorite Child?

Do parents have a favorite child? Lambrianos Nikiforidis, assistant professor of marketing at SUNY Oneonta, explains