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Sarah Mountz, University at Albany – Challenges of Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth in Foster Care

Foster care can be tough. Especially for transgender and gender expansive youth. Sarah Mountz, assistant professor

Arthur Glenberg, Arizona State University – Embodied Cognition

If you want to activate your emotions, start speaking. Arthur Glenberg, professor of psychology at Arizona

Gail Sahar, Wheaton College – Cause, Effect, Solution

On Wheaton College Week: If you want to change someone’s mind, talk about the cause of

Fred Rabinowitz, University of Redlands – The Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men

We might need to re-think our treatment of men in psychological settings. Fred Rabinowitz, professor of

Larisa Heiphetz, Columbia University – How Children and Adults Think About Religion

Do children and adults think of religion in the same way? Larisa Heiphetz, assistant professor of

Susan Masino, Trinity College – Forests

Taking a walk in the woods can be good for brain health. Susan Masino, professor of

Rachel Plotnick, Indiana University – Pushing Buttons

Do you like pushing buttons? Rachel Plotnick, assistant professor of cinema and media studies at Indiana

Stephanie Jones, Harvard University – Early Childhood Care

Early childhood care is vital. Stephanie Jones, professor in early childhood development at Harvard University, looks

Barry Markovsky, University of South Carolina – Mass Hysteria

Mass hysteria is often different from what we imagine. Barry Markovsky, professor of sociology at the

Antje Graul, Utah State University – Sharing Economy

Sharing has become an economy. Antje Graul, assistant professor of marketing at Utah State University, delves