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Best Psychology Segment Award – James Roberts, Baylor University – Smartphone Addiction

This is Best of Week on The Academic Minute. For the Best Psychology Segment Award, James

Jennifer Mueller, University of San Diego – Leadership Resisting Creativity

Leaders say they welcome innovation and new ideas, but do they in practice? Jennifer Mueller, associate

Lauren Howard, Franklin & Marshall College – Social Learning of Apes

Do primates learn from being social? Lauren Howard, assistant professor of psychology & scientific and philosophical

Trevor Foulk, University of Maryland – Abusive Bosses

Powerful people who abuse subordinates may be hurting themselves as well. Trevor Foulk, assistant professor in

Dan Cinotti, New York Institute of Technology – LGBTQ Bullying

LGBTQ students are at high risk for bullying. Dan Cinotti, assistant professor in the department of

Justin Tosi, Georgetown University – Moral Grandstanding

How does moral grandstanding affect the opinions of others? Justin Tosi, junior faculty fellow at the

Susan Gilbertz, Montana State University Billings – Sense of Place

Our physical environment affects us in many ways. Susan Gilbertz, professor of geography at Montana State

Stacie Bosley, Hamline University – Pyramid Schemes

Everyone has been pitched on a pyramid scheme. Stacie Bosley, assistant professor of economics at Hamline

Krista Ingram, Colgate University – The Decision Making of Early Birds and Night Owls

Early bird or night owl? Krista Ingram, associate professor of biology at Colgate University, examines how

Abraham Rutchick, California State University Northridge – Killing From Afar

Does killing from a distance change how humans feel about the act of taking a life?