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Antje Graul, Utah State University – Sharing Economy

Sharing has become an economy. Antje Graul, assistant professor of marketing at Utah State University, delves

Leonard Jason, DePaul University – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is often dismissed as something just in your head. Leonard Jason, professor of

Annmarie Cano, Wayne State University – Decision-Making

What’s your decision making process? Annmarie Cano, professor in the department of psychology at Wayne State

Gaurav Jain, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – How Cognitive Biases Influence Consumer Choices

On Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Week: What happens subconsciously when we shop? Gaurav Jain, assistant professor of

Jordan DeVylder, Fordham University – The Impact of Police Violence on Public Mental Health

Exposure to police violence can leave a lasting mark on a victim’s mind. Jordan DeVylder, associate

Scott Hall, University of Dayton – Emotional Well-Being of Patients

On University of Dayton Week:  Healthcare shouldn’t be limited to physical ailments. Scott Hall, professor of

Edwin Stafford, Utah State University – Air Pollution Posters

Want to influence parents on an issue?  Teach their kids. Edwin Stafford, professor of marketing at

Leonard Jason, DePaul University – Community Psychology

Psychologists are more than therapists. Leonard Jason, professor of clinical psychology at DePaul University, examines the

Annmarie Cano, Wayne State University – Relational Flexibility

Approaching a difficult situation can be harmful if you’re not prepared. Annmarie Cano, professor in the

Joseph Reagle, Northeastern University – Life Hacking

Hacking isn’t only for computers. Joseph Reagle, associate professor of communication studies at Northeastern University, describes