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Lambrianos Nikiforidis, SUNY Oneonta – Do Parents Have a Favorite Child?

Do parents have a favorite child? Lambrianos Nikiforidis, assistant professor of marketing at SUNY Oneonta, explains

Sam Maglio, University of Toronto – The Pursuit of Happiness

How are you pursuing happiness? Sam Maglio, Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Department of Management

Louise Kelly, University of La Verne – Entrepreneurs and Mindfulness

Entrepreneurs should look to mindfulness to help deal with the stressors of their start up. Louise

James Shepperd, University of Florida – Understanding the Gun Divide in America

Why is the gun divide so sharp in our country? James Shepperd, professor of psychology at

Jason Corey, University of Michigan – Favorite Songs

How many times have you listened to your favorite song? Jason Corey, associate professor of music

Melanie Austin, New York Institute of Technology – Social Media and Satisfaction Among Students

On New York Institute of Technology Week:  To understand the use of social media by students,

Kaitlin Woolley, Cornell University – Information Avoidance

When making a decision, do you follow your heart, or your head? Kaitlin Woolley, assistant professor

Phillip Zoladz, Ohio Northern University – Susceptibility for PTSD

What makes some more susceptible to PTSD? Philip Zoladz, Associate professor of psychology at Ohio Northern

Marie Helweg-Larsen, Dickinson College – Hygge

As the gross national product rises, the rate of happiness in the U.S. is declining. Marie

Edward Cohen, San Jose State University – Teaching Students about Mental Illness in Vietnam

Mental health is a big news topic in the U.S., but not in every country. Edward