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Robert Simon, Kennesaw State University – Fado

On Kennesaw State University Week:Β  Messages of protest can be hidden in seemingly innocuous places. Robert

Katelyn Knox, University of Central Arkansas – Race and National Identity in Contemporary France

How do you fight racism in a supposed post-racial society? Katelyn Knox, associate professor in the

Lisa Koops, Case Western Reserve University – Parenting Musically

There’s no one right way to parent musically. Lisa Koops, professor of music education at Case

Lisa Koops, Case Western Reserve University – Families and Music

Music can help break down hierarchical barriers in a family. Lisa Koops, professor of music education

Pablo Palomino, Oxford College of Emory University – Latin American Music

On Oxford College of Emory University Week: Music can give an area a cultural identity. Pablo

Dan Lloyd, Trinity College – Music As The Language of the Brain

On Trinity College Week: Does your brain speak in music? Dan Lloyd, professor of philosophy, discusses

Bruce Campbell, Arcadia University – Music, Social Justice and Leadership

On Arcadia University Week: Want to become a better leader? Put social justice in your headphones.

Jason Corey, University of Michigan – Favorite Songs

How many times have you listened to your favorite song? Jason Corey, associate professor of music

Natalie Sarrazin, SUNY Brockport – Do Indians Care About Western Music?

Western music has an interesting position in Indian society. Natalie Sarrazin, associate professor of ethnomusicology and

Brian Moon, University of Arizona – Music, Data & Algorithms

Can raw data change how we listen to music? Brian Moon, assistant professor of music at