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Keith Hatschek, University of the Pacific – Jazz and Civil Rights

Jazz legend Dave Brubeck is noted for his incredible music skill as a pianist and bandleader.

Feilin Hsiao, The University of Pacific – Cochlear Implants and Music

Advances in technology are allowing some people to hear and even create music for the first

Lisa Huisman Koops, Case Western Reserve University – Mobile Music Making

Car rides might be the optimal time to engage children musically. Dr. Lisa Huisman Koops, associate

Ching-Hua Chuan, University of North Florida – Composing with Computers

If you’ve seen the Academy Award winning film Amadeus, you’ll recall the laborious depictions of Mozart

Josep Marco-Pallar̩s, University of Barcelona РMusical Anhedonia

Music is generally regarded as one of the most pleasurable stimuli we, as humans, experience. Music’s

David Henard, NC State University – What Makes a Hit Song?

What do: loss, desire, aspiration, breakup, pain, inspiration, nostalgia, rebellion, jaded, desperation, escapism and confusion have

Daniel Müllensiefen, Goldsmiths, University of London – Measuring Musicality

As with most art, musical ability and talent is difficult to measure. However, Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen,