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Francis Galan, Texas A&M University–San Antonio – A Better Understanding of the Interactions Between and Kinship Among Early Texas Settler Groups

There’s still a lot to learn and understand about early settlements in Texas. Francis Galan, associate

Daniel Jaffee, Portland State University – Dependence on Bottled Water Worsens Social Inequality

Bottled water can be a panacea during a crisis, but it can also worsen inequality afterwards.

This Week on The Academic Minute (2024.06.24)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2024.06.24   Monday Daniel Jaffee, associate professor of sociology at

The Academic Minute for 2024.06.17-2024.06.21

The Academic Minute from 6.17 – 6.21 Monday Anne Melissa Campbell – University of Iowa Making

Kyle Atkins, Oklahoma State University – What a New “Hell Chicken” Can Tell Us About Dinosaur Extinction

On this Student Spotlight: The extinction of the dinosaurs is still being studied. Kyle Atkins, PhD

Jane Kuehne, University of Auburn – Why Do People Have Different Musical Preferences?

Some love a song; others can’t stand it.  But why? Jane Kuehne, assistant professor of music

Niusha Jones, Boise State University – The Power of Everyday Object Colors in Emotional Healing

The colors in your personal spaces could have a big impact on your mood. Niusha Jones,

Chris Vagasky, University of Wisconsin – Lightning Safety

Some places get more than others, but lightning is always dangerous. Chris Vagasky, research program manager

Ann Melissa Campbell, University of Iowa – Making Delivery Driver Parking More Efficient

Delivery drivers don’t have it easy when it comes to parking, so how can we improve

This Week on The Academic Minute (2024.06.17)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2024.06.17   Monday Ann Melissa Campbell, Clement T. and Sylvia