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Christopher Salas-Wright, University of Texas at Austin – Immigrants and Crime

Are immigrants wrongly portrayed as being criminals in the public sphere? Christopher Salas-Wright, assistant professor in

Eve Waltermaurer, SUNY New Paltz – Intersection of Crime/Health

Prisoners face a unique set of health challenges. Eve Waltermaurer, an associate professor in the Department

Jeffrey Fortin, Emmanuel College – Historical Identity Theft

Identity theft usually brings to mind thoughts of stolen credit cards or misappropriated bank accounts. But,

Michael Jenkins, University of Scranton – Fighting Crime with Data

We’re living in the era of “Big Data” and it’s vital to adapt with the changing

Allison Redlich, University at Albany – Mental Health Courts

“There is consistent evidence that MHCs reduce arrests and number of days in jail, however the

Diane Beauchemin, Queen’s University – Hair Sample Forensic Advances

Criminals better start wearing hairnets! Dr. Diane Beauchemin, a chemist at Queen’s University in Canada, is

William Alex Pridemore, GSU – Incarceration and Early Death

The health care of prisoners is a topic familiar to the The Academic Minute. Where the

Volkan Topalli, Georgia State University – Cash vs. Credit and Crime

“Our study shows that even a small reduction of cash has a positive effect in reducing

Lawrence Sherman, University of Cambridge – Domestic Violence and Arrests

Are strict police codes having unintended effects? Dr. Lawrence Sherman, professor of criminology at the University