Criminal Justice Archive

David Hureau, University at Albany – Battling the Underground Gun Market

On University at Albany Week: How do criminals get their guns? David Hureau, assistant professor in

Megan Kurlychek, University at Albany – Improving Responses to Juvenile Delinquency to Reduce Recidivism

On University at Albany Week:Β  Kids who are prosecuted as adults have a hard road ahead.

Jessica Henry, Montclair State University – Forensic Misconduct

Forensic sciences still has a fallibility – people. Jessica Henry, associate professor in the department of

Anne Roschelle, SUNY New Paltz – The Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

We’ve all heard about the fate of the children at the U.S.-Mexico border. Anne Roschelle, professor

Martha Hurley, University of Dayton – Elderly Inmates

On University of Dayton Week:Β  How should we care for elderly inmates? Martha Hurley, professor of

Nina Johnson, Swarthmore College – The Impact of Mass Incarceration

On Swarthmore College Week: Low incomes, high crime rates.Β  How does a neighborhood change for the

Igor Lednev, University at Albany – Scanning Blood Spatters at Crime Scenes

On University at Albany Week: Save time at the crime scene, catch more criminals. Igor Lednev,

Emily Restivo, New York Institute of Technology – Juveniles and the Prison System

On New York Institute of Technology Week: Solitary confinement has wide ranging effects on young adults.

Vincent Schiraldi, Columbia University – Growing Parolee Population

We know prison populations are increasing; how about the parolee population? Vincent Schiraldi, senior research scientist

Billy J. Stratton, University of Denver – Literature as Witness in Hollywood

We’ve seen this script in Hollywood before. Billy J. Stratton, associate professor of English at the