Criminal Justice Archive

James Scott, Albertus Magnus College – Penetrating the Blue Wall of Silence

People in stressful jobs often don’t get the mental health help they need. James Scott, assistant

Brandon del Pozo, Brown University – Gun Violence at Home and War

Just how dangerous is gun violence in some cities for young men? Brandon del Pozo, assistant

Dennis McCarty, University at Albany – The Quest to End Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is not just fought in the shadows. Dennis McCarty, lecturer at the University at

TaLisa J. Carter, American University – Future Correctional Practitioners See A Broken System

The future practitioners of the criminal justice system do not see a rosy picture ahead. TaLisa

Angela Murolo, St. Francis College – Re-entering Society: Elderly Support Post-Release and Successful Community-Based Aging

Helping people re-enter society after a prison stay can be tricky. Angela Murolo, assistant professor of

Teddy Wilson, University at Albany – The Co-Occurrence of Illegal Gun Carrying and Gun Violence Exposure

On Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy Week:Β  Gun violence is a sad fact of

Jordan Hyatt, Drexel University – Looking to Scandinavia for American Prison Reform

On Drexel University Week:Β  There is often a better way to do things, if you know

Shima Baradaran Baughman, University of Utah – The Police Myth

What is the police myth? Shima Baradaran Baughman, professor of law at the SJ Quinney College

Joseph Seiner, University of South Carolina School of Law – Sexual Harassment: Its Prevalence in the Workplace and Failure in the Courts

Many sexual violence perpetrators do not face justice. Joseph Seiner, professor of law at the University

William Powers, University of Houston Clear Lake – The Transformative Effects of Higher Education for Incarcerated Students

On University of Houston Clear-Lake Week: Education can still happen in correctional facilities. William Powers, associate