Criminal Justice Archive

Charles Cullison, Touro University Nevada – Marijuana and DUI Laws

On this Student Spotlight: How does state legalization of marijuana affect DUI laws? Charles Cullison, medical

Adam Rosenblatt, Haverford College – Forensic Science, Mass Graves and the Call to Care

Identifying individuals in a mass grave isn’t only a scientific matter. Adam Rosenblatt, visiting professor of

David Coogan, Virginia Commonwealth University – Changing the Narrative in Jail

What should you do with your time while in jail? David Coogan, professor in the department

Jill McCorkel, Villanova University – Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children

There are fewer people today in prison than last year. The number of children who experience loss

Bryan McCann, Louisiana State University – Gangsta Rap and the War on Crime

Are we returning to the War-On-Crime era of the late 20th century? Bryan McCann, assistant professor

Terry-Ann Craigie, Connecticut College – Ban the Box

Should we ban the box? Terry-Ann Craigie, assistant professor of economics at Connecticut College, explores whether

Matthew DeLisi, Iowa State University – Homicidal Ideation

To understand why some commit crimes, get inside their head. Matthew DeLisi, professor in the department

Christopher Salas-Wright, University of Texas at Austin – Immigrant Mischaraterization

Are immigrants wrongly portrayed as being criminals in the public sphere? Christopher Salas-Wright, assistant professor in

Susan Loeb, Penn State University – End of Life Care in Prisons

Health care needs don’t stop when you’re behind bars. Susan Loeb, Associate Professor of Nursing at

Kevin Wright, Arizona State University – Prisons and Poor Communities

How do the communities prisoners come back to compare to the prison they just left? Kevin