Evolutionary Biology Archive

Matthew Fuxjager, Wake Forest University – Roll Snap Golden Manakins

A small bird is pushing the limits of muscle performance. Matthew Fuxjager, assistant professor of biology

Nikos Solounias, New York Institute of Technology – How Many Toes Do Horses Have?

Horse’s anatomy might need a re-write. Nikos Solounias, professor of anatomy and basic sciences at the

Chris Austin, Louisiana State University – DNA from Museum Specimens

Can you extract DNA from museum specimens? Christopher Austin,associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences

Gaberiel Bever, New York Institute of Technology – Turtle Skulls

The turtle shell is an iconic feature. Gaberiel Bever, assistant professor of anatomy at the New

Chris Pires, Mizzou – Evolving Together

Sometimes the evolution of two organisms occurs in tandem. Chris Pires, associate professor in the division

Jennifer Cramer, American Public University – Colorful Monkeys

Male vervet monkeys have a colorful genital and perineal area and engage in red-white-and-blue displays to

Jaime Cloud, Western Oregon University – Mating Psychology

What’s the first thing you noticed about the opposite sex? As it turns out, that might

Tim Mousseau, University of South Carolina – Radioactive Environments

Nuclear disasters, naturally, affect the life in the surrounding areas. Tim Mousseau, a biologist at the

Kimberly Hughes, FSU – Outstanding Guppies

Sometimes it pays to be different, especially if you’re a guppy looking to mate. Kimberly Hughes,

Yoel Stuart, UT Austin – Fast Lizard Evolution

Do outside factors influence evolution? Dr. Yoel Stuart, a biologist at UT Austin, is studying a