Monthly Archive:: April 2014

Victoria Kaspi, McGill University – Moving Neutron Stars

What is left after a star explodes and dies? The answer is a neutron star. Dr. Victoria

Larissa Samuelson, University of Iowa – Play With Your Food

Maybe you should let your children play with their food! It seems like a mess just

Jeffrey Froh, Hofstra University – The Benefits of Gratitude

The feeling of gratitude can positively influence all the other factors of one’s life. Dr. Jeffrey

Victor Albert, University at Buffalo – Ancient Lineage of Flower DNA

Studying the DNA of the ancient Amborella flower is opening up new insights into the evolution of

Hans Meltofte, Aarhus University – Arctic Biodiversity Threatened By Climate Change

Rising temperatures are threatening the biodiversity of the Arctic. Dr. Hans Meltofte, senior scientist at Denmark’s

Michael Inzlicht, University of Toronto – The Science of Self-Control

Is there a measurable limit to the amount of self-control each person possesses? Dr. Michael Inzlicht,

Nathan Spreng, Cornell University – The Aging Brain Network

Breakthroughs in how we understand the human brain’s structure and internal communication networks are helping scientists

Frederic Bouchard, Université Laval – Canada’s Lakes Move Toward Widespread Dessication

A decrease in the amount of snowfall in Canada may have far reaching results. Dr. Frederic