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Michelle Hersh, Sarah Lawrence College – Lyme Disease and an Unlikely Relationship

“We couldn’t detect an effect, which is really surprising,” said Michelle Hersh in a recent article

Sean Morrison, UT Southwestern – Cellular Protein Production

Our understanding of how cells function is growing every day. Dr. Sean Morrison, Director of the

Robert Burne, Australian National University – Martian Minerals and Microbes

“But our finding, that stevensite can form around biological organisms, will encourage re-interpretation of these Martian

Liz Cirulli, Duke Medicine – Contagious Yawns

Yawns are something of a physiological mystery. Elizabeth Cirulli, an assistant professor of medicine at Duke

Paul Selden, University of Kansas – Studying Spider Fossils

Many people are scared of spiders. But, Paul Selden, professor of invertebrate paleontology at the University

John Finley, LSU – Cocoa Power

Sure, chocolate is delicious, but the main ingredient offers us many health benefits as well! John

Denise Dearing, University of Utah – Pikas Adapting to Climate Change

“They may be more resistant to climate change than we thought” says Dr. Denise Dearing in

Holly Bik, UC Davis – Diversity of Microbial Life

When you think “big-data,” you may not immediately think of the genetic contents of the deep

Jonathan Kotula, Harvard – Engineering Bacteria

Imagine the medical possibilities of monitoring a person’s digestive tract from the inside out. With a

Meagan Schipanski – Colorado State University – Cover Crops vs. Cash Crops

Farmers want to maximize the land where they cultivate their crops. But, Meagan Schipanski‘s research indicates: