Biology Archive

Jack Ridge, Tufts University – Geologic Time

The Earth is a few billion years old and a lot has transpired during that time.

Kenneth Hugdahl, University of Bergen – Auditory Hallucinations

There are quite a few films that utilize auditory hallucinations as a indicator of a character’s

Shikha Sharma, West Virginia University – Isotopic Fingerprints

A clean source of energy might just save the world. Dr. Shikha Sharma, assistant professor of

Jin Montclare, NYU – Gene Therapy

Top scientists are working to keep us healthy on a molecular level! Dr. Jin Montclare, associate

Cristina Cox Fernandes, UMass Amherst – Electric Fish

The discovery of a new species is always exciting! Dr. Cristina Cox Fernandes, an lecturer at

Joseph Rubin, University of Saskatchewan – Micro-Pathogens

Microscopic pathogens are all around us, working to make us sick. Dr. Joseph Rubin, a microbiologist

Mohamad Z. Koubeissi, George Washington University – Explaining Consciousness

We’re still in the infancy of neuroscience. But, Dr. Mohamad Koubeissi, a George Washington University neurologist,

Ben Schwessinger, UC Davis – Plant Immunity

We just found out that plants can hear. Now, we’ll learn about their complex immune systems.

Patricia Brennan, UMass Amherst – The Importance of Oddball Science

Scientists are often surprised at the results of their own experimenting. Sometimes, the outcome produces an

Gary Kwiecinski, University of Scranton – Save the Bats

The presence of bats is a common theme for films, literature and anything angling to emit