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Robert Nordon, University of New South Wales – Making Blood Stem Cells on a Microchip

Stem cell research can be politically divisive. Robert Nordon, associate professor in the graduate school of

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Flying might not be the only thing birds can teach us. Monica Daley, associate professor of

Davida Smyth, Texas A&M University San Antonio –What Municipal Wastewater Can Teach Us About COVID-19

We’re still learning new things about tracking viruses. Davida Smyth, associate professor of molecular microbiology at

Graham Reynolds, University of North Carolina Asheville – Uncovering Hidden Biodiversity in the Tropics

Have we discovered everything in the animal kingdom already? Graham Reynolds, associate professor of biology at

Kiyoko Yokota, SUNY Oneonta – Why You Should Still Care About Microplastics

On SUNY Oneonta Week:  Microplastics are a modern environmental threat. Kiyoko Yokota, associate professor of biology,

Kate McGrath, SUNY Oneonta – Facial Asymmetry in Gorillas Can Be A Sign of Stress

On SUNY Oneonta Week:  Stress in childhood can alter the shape of your face. Kate McGrath,

Florian Reyda, SUNY Oneonta – Parasites Revisited

On SUNY Oneonta Week:  Parasites have a role to play in an ecosystem. Florian Reyda, professor

Dan Stich, SUNY Oneonta – Could We Bring Back Lost Species of Fish?

On SUNY Oneonta Week:  How do we help restore declining fish populations? Dan Stich, associate professor

Hwamee Oh, Brown University – Why Some Brain Regions and Cognitive Functions Are More Vulnerable to Aging

On Brown University Week:  Detecting Alzheimer’s early on is key. Hwamee Oh, assistant professor in the

Mary Carskadon, Brown University – Adolescence, Sleep, and School

On Brown University Week:  The last thing a kid wants to do is wake up for