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Kate Goodrich, Widener University – The Pollination Biology of PawPaw

Are plants tricking insects into taking their nectar? Kate Goodrich, associate professor of biology at Widener

Maura Pavao, Worcester State University – Fermenters as a Model System to Study the Lung and Gut Microbiomes

On Worcester State University Week: The human microbiome is important for our health. Maura Pavao, professor

Jenny Lenkowski, Goucher College – What Human Medicine Can Learn From Fish Eyes

The eyes of fish could help us see the light again. Jenny Lenkowski, associate professor of

Tyler Anderson-Sieg, University of South Carolina – Our Strategically Lazy Brains

On this Student Spotlight: We are all busy, and so are our brains. Tyler Anderson-Sieg, PhD-student

Nadia Singh, University of Oregon – How Organisms Cope with Environment Change

Can environment play a role in the diversity of offspring? Nadia Singh, associate professor of biology

Bjorn Lussem, Kent State University – Organic Biosensors at the Interface of Materials Science, Electronics, and Neuroscience

On Kent State University’s Brain Health Research Institute Week: There are still steps to be made

Angela Ridgel, Kent State University – Adaptive Rehabilitation of Neurological Disease

On Kent State University’s Brain Health Research Institute Week: Rehabilitation for a neurological disease can be

Colleen Novak, Kent State University – How the Brain Turns Up the Heat in Our Muscles: Charting a Path for Weight Loss

On Kent State University’s Brain Health Research Institute Week: Everyone is looking to lose their COVID-15.

Gretchen Edwalds-Gilbert, Scripps College – Cell Stress Response

On Scripps College Week:  How do our cells respond to stress? Today on The Academic Minute:

Alex Frano, University of California San Diego – Neuromorphic Computers

Computers use a big chunk of the world’s energy. Alex Frano, assistant professor of physics at