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Traver Wright, Texas A&M University – Traumatic Brain Injuries

On Texas A&M Center for Sports Management Research & Education Week: We are still learning a

David Rivers, Loyola University Maryland – Insects and Crime Scenes

On Loyola University Maryland Week: Are insects hindering crime scene investigations? David Rivers, professor of biology,

Trish O’Kane, University of Vermont – Birding Can Change the World

Doing comforting things virtually has been an important coping method for stress and anxiety. Trish O’Kane,

Eugenia Olesnicky Killian, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Using Fruit Flies to Understand the Genetics of Neurological Disorders

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week: Can fruit flies help us understand more about human

Christine Biermann, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – Molecular Analysis is Revolutionizing Native Trout Conservation

On University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Week:  Some of our native species might not always be

Katie McGhee, University of the South – The Consequences of Maternal Stress on Offspring

On University of the South Week:  Maternal stress can have large impacts on their children. Katie

Darby Saxbe, University of Southern California Dornsife – Timely Breast Milk Consumption May Help Babies Tell Time

How does breast milk affect a baby’s sleep schedule? Darby Saxbe, associate professor of psychology at

Tammy Mildenstein, Cornell College – Monarch Butterfly Preservation

On Cornell College Week: The restoration of monarch butterfly populations is a vital preservation topic. Tammy

Barbara Christie-Pope, Cornell College – Zebrafish and Parkinson’s Disease

On Cornell College Week:  There might not be one cure for Parkinson’s disease. Barbara Christie-Pope, professor

Jeffrey Bryan, University of Missouri – Canine Bone Cancer

There’s good news ahead for your furry friends. Jeffrey Bryan, professor of oncology at the University