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Heidi Appel, Rex Cocroft, University of Missouri – Plants Can Hear

To see whether predator noises would affect plants, two University of Missouri researchers exposed one set

Andrew Gallup, SUNY Oneonta – Yawns are Cool

Yawns confuse scientists. We’re not exactly sure what they are or why we yawn. We know

Phillip Sponenberg, Virginia Tech – Domestic Extinction

Extinction is a very real threat for all species, not just the exotic creatures we’re accustomed

Doug Smith, UC San Diego – Molecular Motors

In today’s Academic Minute, a physicist at The University of California San Diego discusses the role

Neal Hall, UT Austin – Fly Inspired Hearing

The way flies perceive sound is helping engineers improve on microphone technology. Dr. Neal Hall, an

Valorie Titus, APU – Eastern Tiger Salamander

In short, the eastern tiger salamander is in danger. However, Dr. Valorie Titus, a professor of

Erika Berg, North Dakota State University – Equine Therapy

Can interaction with horses hold the key to helping those afflicted with psychological disorders? Dr. Erika

Ying Xu, University of Georgia – Hypoxia

One of the top priorities in the medical field is diagnosing and stopping the growth of

Kirstin Matthews, Rice University – Biomedical Patents

With new technological advances come unforeseen legal issues. Dr. Kirstin Matthews, fellow in science and technology

Joshua Weitz, Georgia Tech – Co-Evolution

“Our work shows that co-evolution can yield new and unique behavior at the population scale,” explained