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Isabelle Mansuy, University of Zurich – Hereditary Trauma

It’s no secret that you inherit certain genetic traits directly from your parents. But, as Isabelle

Lauri Byerley – American Public University – Energy Drink Demographics

Energy drinks are typically marketed to young adults. But, is this the primary group that is

Edward LeBrun, UT Austin – Crazy Ant Invasion

The speed, ferocity, and resilience of tawny fire ants is drawing the attention of the entomology

Robert Latzman, Georgia State University – Chimps Have Personality

It’s common knowledge that chimpanzees are one of human’s closest relatives in the animal kingdom. Robert

Stefan Sarafianos, University of Missouri – An HIV-Resistant Flavor Enhancer

Can soy fight HIV? According to new research from Dr. Stefan Sarafianos, a professor of microbiology

Oleg Kolosov, University of Lancaster – New Medical Imaging Technique

Dr. Oleg Kolosov, a physicist at Lancaster University, is developing new nano-science techniques hoping to advance

Ivan de Araujo – Yale University – Craving Calories

Are humans hard-wired to crave sweet treats? Dr. Ivan de Araujo, an associate professor of psychiatry

Kari Cooper, UC Davis – Reservoirs of Magma

The typical Hollywood depiction of a volcano might be visually stunning, but it’s not very accurate.

Mark Hunter, University of Michigan – Flourishing Despite Climate Change

Naturally, species react differently to climate change. Dr. Mark Hunter, a professor in the Department of

Alyssa Crittenden, UNLV – Microbiota of the Hadza Tribe

The old saying goes: you are what you eat. This appears to carry through into the