Biology Archive

David Kaplan, Tufts University – Silk Medical Improvements

  Metallic screws and plates have long been used in reconstructive medical procedures. Dr. David Kaplan,

Arun Bhunia, Purdue University – Better Salmonella Detection

Salmonella outbreaks can be devastating. To reduce this danger, Arun Bhunia, professor of food microbiology at

Daniel Hahn, University of Florida – “Sexy” Fruit Flies

Apparently, you can sterilize flies too well. In today’s Academic Minute, Daniel Hahn, assistant professor in

Susan Kalisz, University of Pittsburgh – Recipe for Invasive Plant Species

Species interaction dictates a great deal of a location’s biodiversity. Susan Kalisz, professor of biology at

Phillip Sponenberg, Virginia Tech – Fainting Goats

The Latin name myotonia congenitamight not mean much to you, but you’ve likely seen them in action.

Yehuda Ben-Shahar, Washington University in St. Louis – RNA Messengers

RNA seems like the unsung little brother of DNA and protein. But Yehuda Ben-Shahar, assistant professor

Lee Newman, SUNY ESF – Using Plants to Address Environmental Issues

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is having significant consequences on our environment. Dr. Lee Newman, associate

Marco Bisoffi, Chapman University – Thinking Outside the Tumor

Studying the area surrounding a cancerous tumor may provide new medical insights. Dr. Marco Bisoffi, associate

Anne Murphy, Georgia State University – Infant and Adult Pain Response

Does the pain felt by an infant affect them later in life? Anne Murphy, associate professor

John Roe, University of North Carolina Pembrooke – Declining Leatherback Turtle Population

The leatherback turtle population is getting some much needed help. Dr. John Roe, assistant professor of