International Studies Archive

Ernesto Castañeda, American University – New Type of Mexican Migrants

Some migrants at America’s southern border are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Mariana Sanchez, Florida International University – Latinos Found to Drink Less after Immigrating to U.S.

Does the health of Latino men get worse after they immigrate to the U.S.? Mariana Sanchez,

Jeanne Wilson, Wheaton College – Unequal Relationship Between Russia and China

On Wheaton College Week: The Russian-Chinese relationship is becoming a one-sided affair. Jeanne Wilson, professor of

Leif Brottem, Grinnell College – The Geographical Life of West African Villages

On Grinnell College Week: What constituents a village in rural Africa? Leif Brottem, assistant professor of

Kerri Lesh, University of Nevada, Reno – Txakolina

Can you define a wine by the people who make it? Today on The Academic Minute:

Liz Raleigh, Carleton College – Transracial Adoption

On Carleton College Week: Demand for adoptable children is on the rise. Elizabeth Raleigh, assistant professor

Marcela Garces, Siena College – The Txoko as a Model for the Slow Food Movement

On Siena College Week: Slow down at your next meal. Marcela Garces, associate professor of Spanish

Mark Montgomery, Grinnell College – International Adoption

Fewer and fewer children are being adopted from overseas. Mark Montgomery, professor of enterprise and leadership

Christi Masters, Purdue University – Communicating Effectively Across Cultural Differences

On Purdue University Week: Communication is key between doctors and patients. Christi Masters, clinical assistant professor

Mesut Akdere, Purdue University – Intercultural Openness

On Purdue University Week: Can virtual reality help you become more open to other people? Mesut