International Studies Archive

Marcela Garces, Siena College – The Txoko as a Model for the Slow Food Movement

On Siena College Week: Slow down at your next meal. Marcela Garces, associate professor of Spanish

Mark Montgomery, Grinnell College – International Adoption

Fewer and fewer children are being adopted from overseas. Mark Montgomery, professor of enterprise and leadership

Christi Masters, Purdue University – Communicating Effectively Across Cultural Differences

On Purdue University Week: Communication is key between doctors and patients. Christi Masters, clinical assistant professor

Mesut Akdere, Purdue University – Intercultural Openness

On Purdue University Week: Can virtual reality help you become more open to other people? Mesut

Pamala Morris, Purdue University – Learning More About Our Own And Other Cultures

On Purdue University Week: To help future employers manage a global workforce, start with students. Pamala

Il Hyun Cho, Lafayette College – Dispelling Myths about North Korea

North Korea remains a mystery. Il Hyun Cho, assistant professor in the Department of Government and

Neha Vora, Lafayette College – Liberal Education and Nationalism

Can liberal education from U.S. universities thrive under restrictive regimes? Neha Vora, associate professor of anthropology

Ray Raymond, SUNY Ulster – The U.S. and U.K.’s Special Partnership

The U.S. and UK have enjoyed a strong relationship for centuries. Ray Raymond, professor of government

Nathan Kunz, University of North Florida – Fast Disaster Response

Disasters are unpredictable and our response time needs improving. Nathan Kunz, assistant professor of operations management

Lori Poloni-Staudinger, Northern Arizona University – Female Terrorists

Female terrorists are used partly for their shock value. Lori Poloni-Staudinger, professor and department chair in