Intercultural Studies Archive

Tobin Miller Shearer, University of Montana – The Value of De-Coupling Race and Crisis in White Communities

On University of Montana Week:Β  Β We still have a lot to learn about how to talk

Naminata Diabate, Cornell University – Naked Agency

On Cornell University Week: In Africa, a different kind of protest is happening in public. Naminata

Thomas Paradis, Butler University – Local-Global Tension and the Palio of Siena

Tourism can change an event that used to be just for one culture. Thomas Paradis, professor

Marlene A. Dixon, Texas A&M University – Effects of Sports Programming on Girls in Underserved Communities

On Texas A&M Center for Sports Management Research & Education Week:Β  Sports programs can have a

Paula Saravia, University of California San Diego – Patagonia Sadness

Communities are very vulnerable to environmental changes. Paula Saravia, researcher at the University of California San

Shannan Mattiace, Allegheny College – Drug Wars and Criminal Violence in Mexico

On Allegheny College Week:Β  What keeps homicide rates down from drug traffickers in some Mexican municipalities?

Melanie Pavich, Mercer University – Gentrification and African-American History

On Mercer University Week:Β  History is disappearing off the Georgia coast. Melanie Pavich, associate professor of

Tom Shields, University of Richmond – Unexpected Benefits of School Re-Zoning

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: School segregation is still happening, but in a different

Julian Hayter, University of Richmond – Segregation and the Suburbs

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: You don’t have look far to the past to

James McGrath, Butler University – Mandaeans

Who are the Mandaeans? James McGrath, professor of religion at Butler University, delves into this historical