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Stephanie Jones, Harvard University – Early Childhood Care

Early childhood care is vital. Stephanie Jones, professor in early childhood development at Harvard University, looks

Barry Markovsky, University of South Carolina – Mass Hysteria

Mass hysteria is often different from what we imagine. Barry Markovsky, professor of sociology at the

Ken Joseph, University at Buffalo – Fighting Fake News

How do we stop fake news from impacting the 2020 election? Kenny Joseph, assistant professor in

This Week on The Academic Minute (2019.05.20)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2019.05.20 Monday, May 20th Kenny Joseph of the University at

The Academic Minute for 2019.05.13-05.17

The Academic Minute from 05.13 – 05.17 Monday, May 13th Annmarie Cano – Wayne State University Decision-Making

Matthew Fuxjager, Wake Forest University – Roll Snap Golden Manakins

A small bird is pushing the limits of muscle performance. Matthew Fuxjager, assistant professor of biology

Bradley W. Hart, Fresno State University – Foreign Interference in Elections

Election interference is a hot topic, but it isn’t new. Bradley Hart, assistant professor of media,

Antje Graul, Utah State University – Sharing Economy

Sharing has become an economy. Antje Graul, assistant professor of marketing at Utah State University, delves

Leonard Jason, DePaul University – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is often dismissed as something just in your head. Leonard Jason, professor of

Annmarie Cano, Wayne State University – Decision-Making

What’s your decision making process? Annmarie Cano, professor in the department of psychology at Wayne State