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Christopher Salas-Wright, University of Texas at Austin – Immigrant Mischaraterization

Are immigrants wrongly portrayed as being criminals in the public sphere? Christopher Salas-Wright, assistant professor in

This Week On The Academic Minute (2017.2.20)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2017.2.20 Monday, February 20th Christopher Salas-Wright of the University of

The Academic Minute for 2017.2.13-2.17

Academic Minute from 2.13 – 2.17 Monday, February 13th Akira O’Connor – University of St. Andrews

Dale Fink, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts – Recess

Recess is a favorite among elementary school students. Dale Fink, associate professor of education at the

Charles Bourque featured on The Best of Our Knowledge

As always, host Bob Barrett selects an Academic Minute to air during The Best of Our

Zvi Loewy, Touro College of Pharmacy – Cannabis and Parkinson’s Disease

Could a treatment for Parkinson’s symptoms already be available? Zvi Loewy, Professor and Chair, Pharmaceutical and

Kevin Caskey, SUNY New Paltz – Manufacturing and Skiing

How do smaller firms compete with the big boys? Kevin Caskey, professor of Operations Management at

Ryan Kelly, University of Washington – Influential Science and Storytelling

Science papers aren’t usually the best places to find a good story. Ryan Kelly, assistant professor

Akira O’Connor, University of St. Andrews – Deja Vu

Are you having déjà vu? Akira O’Connor, Lecturer in the School of Psychology & Neuroscience at

This Week On The Academic Minute (2017.2.13)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2017.2.13 Monday, February 13th Akira O’Connor of the University of