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Brian Earp, Yale University – Pain and Gender

On This Student Spotlight: Does our sex determine how our pain is measured? Brian Earp, PhD

Kathryn Anthony, University of Illinois – Potty Parity

One way to see gender discrimination in action is to look at the lines in public

This Week on The Academic Minute (2019.07.15)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2019.07.15 Monday, July 15th Kathryn Anthony of the University of

The Academic Minute for 2019.07.08-07.12

The Academic Minute from 07.08 – 07.12 Monday, July 8th Jason Delborne – North Carolina State

Stephen M. DiDomenico, SUNY New Paltz – Technology and Everyday Interactions

It’s hard to ignore the buzz of a new text message from your cellphone. Stephen M.

Sarah Mountz, University at Albany – Challenges of Transgender and Gender Expansive Youth in Foster Care

Foster care can be tough. Especially for transgender and gender expansive youth. Sarah Mountz, assistant professor

Rajesh Kana, University of Alabama at Birmingham – Autism Biomarkers

Diagnosing autism earlier could make life easier for children and their parents. Rajesh Kana, associate professor

Sonja Dümpelmann, Harvard University – Street Trees

Trees can be an important part of a city street. Sonja Dümpelmann, associate professor of landscape

Jason Delborne, North Carolina State University – Forest Biotech

We have genetically engineered food; how about trees? Jason Delborne, associate professor of science, policy and

This Week on The Academic Minute (2019.07.08)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2019.07.08 Monday, July 8th Jason Delborne of North Carolina State