This Week on The Academic Minute (2020.07.27)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2019.07.27

Monday, July 27th

Trysh Travis, associate professor at the center for gender, sexualities, and women’s studies research at the University of Florida, discusses why positive thinking is popping up again during the pandemic.

Tuesday, July 28th

Gina Baleria, assistant professor in the department of communication and media studies at Sonoma State University, examines how digital literacy skills can bring belonging to students who aren’t together.

Wednesday, July 29th

Kevin Woo, associate professor of science, mathematics and technology at SUNY Empire, explores how Marine mammals can be biomarkers for the health of an ecosystem.

Thursday, July 30th

Maria Antonia Rodriguez, associate professor of psychology at Northcentral University, details why it’s hard following a diet, even if it’s for medical reasons.

Friday, July 31st

Anne Lusk, research scientist at Harvard University, delves into why Design is key to increasing the use of bicycles in lower-income neighborhoods.