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Anderson Hagler, Duke University – “Bad Indians” in Historical Archives and Modern Cinema

On this Student Spotlight: Biases persist against Native Americans on the big screen. Anderson Hagler, Ph.D

Keely Heuer, SUNY New Paltz – Magna Graecia

What a society made can tell us a lot about them. Keely Heuer, assistant professor of

Tom Mould, Butler University – Welfare and the American Dream

On Butler University Week: Stories can have a big impact on all areas of life. Tom

Stephen Howe, Fukuoka University – Yes and No in England and America

How many ways can you say yes or no? Stephen Howe, associate professor in the department

Yufeng Mao, Widener University – A Muslim vision of the Chinese Nation

On Widener University Week: Muslims have had an active history in China’s nation-building. Yufeng Mao, associate

Thomas Adam, University of Texas at Arlington – From Public Good to Personal Pursuit

A college education used to be free. Thomas Adam, professor of transnational history at the University

Jack Singal, University of Richmond – Moon Landings

On University of Richmond Week: 50 years ago we shot the moon. Jack Singal, professor of

David Gunderman, University of Colorado – Gottingen

On this Student Spotlight: The Nazis displaced many of math’s greatest minds. David Gunderman, PhD student

Vaughn Scribner, Central Arkansas University – Taverns

The tavern was a special place in colonial America. Vaughn Scribner, assistant professor of history at

Peter Filkins, Bard College at Simon’s Rock – H.G. Adler

History is recorded by those who have written it down. Peter Filkins, professor of literature at