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Rachel Plotnick, Indiana University – Pushing Buttons

Do you like pushing buttons? Rachel Plotnick, assistant professor of cinema and media studies at Indiana

Lorie Vanchena, University of Kansas – World War I Poetry

We’ve seen and heard a lot of stories from WWII – but what about WWI? Lorie

Christopher Fee, Gettysburg College – Perceptions of the Vikings

Are we romanticizing the Vikings too much in popular culture­? Christopher Fee, professor in the English

Bradley W. Hart, Fresno State University – Foreign Interference in Elections

Election interference is a hot topic, but it isn’t new. Bradley Hart, assistant professor of media,

Marlene Daut, University of Virginia – Constitutional History of Haiti

The history of Haiti may surprise you. Marlene Daut, associate professor of African diaspora studies at

Kalenda Eaton, Arcadia University – Remembering Black Freedom in the Western Hemisphere

On Arcadia University Week: Each community reflects on the freedom of enslaved people differently. Kalenda Eaton,

Warren Haffar, Arcadia University – Mental Mapping in Divided Societies

On Arcadia University Week: Removing physical barriers doesn’t always alleviate social ones. Warren Haffar, professor of

Aroline Hanson, Arcadia University – Bringing Back Brunca

On Arcadia University Week: Extinct languages can be brought back from the dead. Aroline Hanson, assistant

Graham Hodges, Colgate University – Black New Jersey

The history of enslaved people isn’t limited to the South. Graham Hodges, professor of history at

Rachel Engmann, Hampshire College – The Archaeology of the Slaver in Eighteenth Century Ghana

Our view of the trading of enslaved people needs a different perspective. Rachel Engmann, assistant professor