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Derrick Spires, Cornell University – Antebellum Social Media

On Cornell University Week: Was there social media in the 1830’s? Derrick Spires, associate professor of

Gretchen Sorin, Cooperstown Graduate Program at SUNY Oneonta – Driving While Black

The automobile has played a big role in boosting the freedoms of Americans. Gretchen Sorin, SUNY

Salmon Shomade, Emory University – Influence of Colonial Legacies on the Rule of Law

On Oxford College of Emory University Week: Colonial legal structures still hamper African citizens to this

David Resha, Emory University – Documentary Filmmaking

On Oxford College of Emory University Week: Handheld videos are the norm in today’s society. David

Sarah Higinbotham, Emory University – The Violence of the Law in Early Modern England

On Oxford College of Emory University Week: Artists have been commenting on the laws of the

Todd C. Sacktor, SUNY Downstate Medical Center – Traumatic Memories

On SUNY Distinguished Academy Week:Β  We all have traumatic memories we wish we could erase. Todd

Daniel Gifford, University of Louisville – Lessons From A Failed Whaling Museum

If you move a symbol from its community, does it lose its power? Dan Gifford, affiliated

Gundolf Graml, Agnes Scott College – Tourism and the 75th Anniversary of the Second Austrian Republic

How does a country on the wrong side of a war go on to quickly become

Cynthia Orozco, Eastern New Mexico Ruidoso – A Grassroots Latina Civil Rights Activist and Intellectual

A major figure in Latina history has gone unnoticed. Cynthia Orozco, professor of history and humanities

Lane Demas, Central Michigan University – Golf and Racial Segregation in Atlanta

The first desegregation battle in Atlanta was fought in an unusual place. Lane Demas, professor of