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Julian Hayter, University of Richmond – Segregation and the Suburbs

On Jepson School of Leadership Studies Week: You don’t have look far to the past to

Rhawn Denniston, Cornell College – Stalagmites, Monsoons and Climate Change

On Cornell College Week: We can look underground to comprehend climate change. Rhawn Denniston, professor of

Tyler Carrington, Cornell College – Historical Personal Ads and Modern Dating

On Cornell College Week: The history of love is understudied. Tyler Carrington, assistant professor of German

James McGrath, Butler University – Mandaeans

Who are the Mandaeans? James McGrath, professor of religion at Butler University, delves into this historical

Victoria Munoz, Hostos Community College – Spanish Romances and the Roots of British Imperialism

The first Anglo-Spanish war may have been fought in the pages of books. Victoria Munoz, assistant

Shawn O’Bryhim, Franklin & Marshall College – Manuscript Illuminator

On Franklin & Marshall Week: Not all technology has been made small enough yet. Shawn O’Bryhim,

Margaret McGehee, Oxford College of Emory University – LGBTQ+ History

On Oxford College of Emory University Week: LGBTQ history remains understudied in many places. Margaret McGehee,

Derek Turner, Connecticut College – How Science Connects Us To Places

On Connecticut College Week:  To find meaning, look into history. Derek Turner, professor of philosophy, discusses

David Canton, Connecticut College – The Second Generation of Black Historians

On Connecticut College Week:  Who was Lawrence Reddick? David Canton, associate professor of history, discusses this

Andrea Lanoux, Connecticut College – A New Vision of Russian Childhood Through Literature

On Connecticut College Week:  Even bedtime stories changed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Andrea