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Cynthia Orozco, Eastern New Mexico Ruidoso – A Grassroots Latina Civil Rights Activist and Intellectual

A major figure in Latina history has gone unnoticed. Cynthia Orozco, professor of history and humanities

Lane Demas, Central Michigan University – Golf and Racial Segregation in Atlanta

The first desegregation battle in Atlanta was fought in an unusual place. Lane Demas, professor of

Richard Allington, Eastern New Mexico University – Spiritual Crusading

Supporting The Crusades didn’t just happen on the front lines. Richard Allington, assistant professor of history

Ray Brescia, Albany Law School – Social Distance and Social Change

Successful social movements have some things in common. Ray Brescia, professor of law at Albany Law

Michael Vargas, SUNY New Paltz – COVID-19 and the Black Death

Where do we look for historical insight on the current pandemic? Michael Vargas, professor of medieval

Kerry Boeye, Loyola University Maryland – Seal Matrix

On Loyola University Maryland Week: How did you authenticate your message long before Face and Touch

Jean Lee Cole, Loyola University Maryland – The Woman’s Literary Club of Baltimore

On Loyola University Maryland Week: Not all book clubs are alike. Jean Lee Cole, professor of

William Thomas Okie, Kennesaw State University – Georgia Peaches

On Kennesaw State University Week: How can something rare become a lasting symbol for a state?

Ilaria Scaglia, Aston University – International Cooperation during a Pandemic

International cooperation can be key to handling health crises. Ilaria Scaglia, lecturer and head of history

Suzanne Marchand, Louisiana State University – Porcelain

Some of our possessions have more history than we realize. Suzanne Marchand, professor of history at