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Leigh Ann Wheeler, Binghamton University – ERA during the #MeToo Movement Era

Can the MeToo era usher in equal rights for women in America? Leigh Ann Wheeler, professor

Cindy Strong, Cornell College – Pottery and Chemistry

Can chemistry help us better understand the past? Cindy Strong, professor of chemistry at Cornell College,

Casey Andrews, Whitworth University – Peace Literature

Artists of the future can look to the past to explore how to speak out against

Dustin Wright, Connecticut College – Sunagawa Struggle

US military bases abroad are not always welcomed by the local population. Dustin Wright, visiting assistant

Adam Rosenblatt, Haverford College – Forensic Science, Mass Graves and the Call to Care

Identifying individuals in a mass grave isn’t only a scientific matter. Adam Rosenblatt, visiting professor of

Tracy Betsinger, SUNY Oneonta – Vampire Legends

Vampires are more than just Dracula. Tracy Betsinger, associate professor in the department of anthropology at

Omer Gokcumen, University at Buffalo – The Ghost Species of Ancient Humans

The origins of humanity are being re-written. Omer Gokcumen, assistant professor of biology at the University

Robert Garland, Colgate University – Refugees Past and Present

The refugee crisis is ongoing. Robert Garland, professor of the classics at Colgate University, examines a

Simon Haeder, West Virginia University – Lessons from the Past on Healthcare

Governments taking away healthcare is actually quite rare. Simon Haeder, assistant professor of political science at

Sahana Mukherjee, Gettysburg College – History and National Identity

We like taking pictures of moments that reflect the best of our shared history. Sahana Mukherjee,