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Damayanthie Eluwawalage, Albright College – An Alteration on Fashion History

Have we been studying fashion incorrectly? Damayanthie Eluwawalage, assistant professor of fashion design at Albright College,

Chris Austin, Louisiana State University – DNA from Museum Specimens

Can you extract DNA from museum specimens? Christopher Austin,associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences

Kishwar Rizvi, Yale University – Iran and Global Exchange in the Early Modern Period

What if art was seen as a more important part of our culture? Kishwar Rizvi, associate

Ruth Thompson-Miller, University of Dayton – Jim Crow’s Lasting Impact

The lasting impacts of Jim Crow can’t always be seen with our eyes. Ruth Thompson-Miller, assistant

Christopher von Rueden, University of Richmond – Why Men Care About Status

Was status always important to men? Christopher von Rueden, assistant professor of leadership studies at the

Mark Molesky, Seton Hall University – Gulf of Fire

We hear about The Next Big Earthquake, but what about the one that already happened? Mark

Reed Scherer, Northern Illinois University – Fossils and Rising Sea Levels

Ice sheets are vulnerable to melting in a warming world. Reed Scherer, professor of geology at

Andrew Wood, San Jose State University – Twilight of the Roadside Motel

We’re losing part of our history. Andrew Wood, professor of communication studies at San Jose State

Adam Blackler, Black Hills State University – Germany, Genocide and Namibia

There is still one genocide Germany has not taken responsibility for. Adam Blackler, assistant professor of

Charles Sohaskey, Chapman University – Vampires and Tuberculosis

This Halloween, be on the lookout for vampires – and tuberculosis. Charles Sohaskey, post-doctoral research faculty