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Frederick Engram, University of Texas at Arlington – Teaching The Truth Should Not Be Controversial

Teachers aren’t always allowed to teach what they believe. Frederick Engram, assistant professor of instruction at

Lisa Bitel, University of Southern California Dornsife – The Real St. Nick

Who was the real St. Nick? Lisa Bitel, professor of history and religion at the University

Mark West, University of North Carolina Charlotte – How Theodore Roosevelt’s Reading Contributed to His Support for Immigrants

Reading can lead us to change how we think and act. Mark West, professor of English

Joshua Rothman, University of Alabama – America’s Forgotten Domestic Slave Trade

We are still working to understand slavery in American history. Joshua Rothman, professor of history at

Amanda McKinney, Doane University – Pandemics, Ancient and Modern: Causes, Effects, Differences and Parallels

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the first one we’ve faced, so what can we learn from the

Robert DiNapoli, Binghamton University – Easter Island Myths

What happened on Easter Island? Robert DiNapoli, post-doctoral research associate in the environmental studies program at

Mark Stelzner, Connecticut College –The Intensity of Slavery and the Birth of Modern Capitalism

A short-term mindset can have ample benefits, but at what cost? Mark Stelzner, assistant professor of

Kerry Whigham, Binghamton University – Reparations

Dealing with the past can be crucial to moving forward. Kerry Whigham, assistant professor of genocide

William Deverell, University of Southern California – Living Better, Living Smarter, with Western Wildfire

Wildfires are in the news more than ever. William Deverell, professor of history at the University

Catherine Golden, Skidmore College – The Victorian Age Beyond Masterpiece Theater

The Victorian Age has a standard portrayal on TV. Catherine Golden, professor of English at Skidmore