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Kalenda Eaton, Arcadia University – Remembering Black Freedom in the Western Hemisphere

On Arcadia University Week: Each community reflects on the freedom of enslaved people differently. Kalenda Eaton,

Warren Haffar, Arcadia University – Mental Mapping in Divided Societies

On Arcadia University Week: Removing physical barriers doesn’t always alleviate social ones. Warren Haffar, professor of

Aroline Hanson, Arcadia University – Bringing Back Brunca

On Arcadia University Week: Extinct languages can be brought back from the dead. Aroline Hanson, assistant

Graham Hodges, Colgate University – Black New Jersey

The history of enslaved people isn’t limited to the South. Graham Hodges, professor of history at

Rachel Engmann, Hampshire College – The Archaeology of the Slaver in Eighteenth Century Ghana

Our view of the trading of enslaved people needs a different perspective. Rachel Engmann, assistant professor

Sean Gerrity, Hostos Community College – Maroons

Not all enslaved people fled to the North. Sean Gerrity, assistant professor of English at Hostos

David Jones, Amherst College – Vulcanism and Mass Extinctions

On Amherst College Week: Volcanic eruptions have shaped life’s history on Earth. David Jones, associate professor

Susanna Ashton, Clemson University – Rediscovering an Enslaved Person’s Journey to Freedom through Research

The stories of the enslaved in the U.S. are still being told. Susanna Ashton, professor of

Kevin Bruyneel, Babson College – Settler Memory

What is settler memory? Kevin Bruyneel, professor of politics at Babson College, explores this question. Kevin

Edward Shannon, Ramapo College – Woody Guthrie, Charles Schulz and a Comic Book

What do comic books, Woody Guthrie and Charles Schulz have to do with each other? Edward