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Christopher Junium, Syracuse University – A Sulfurous End For The Dinosaurs

Why did the asteroid that heralded the end of the dinosaurs have such a profound impact?

Jeff Miller, SUNY New Paltz – Lessons on Democracy from Ancient Athens

Where should we look for lessons on sustaining democracy? Jeff Miller, professor in the department of

Lewis Eliot, University of Oklahoma – Checking Privilege: Competing Anti-Slavery Thought in the British Empire

Banning slavery doesn’t end all of its vices. Lewis Eliot, assistant professor of history at the

Christoph Strobel, University of Massachusetts Lowell – A State Flag and the Violent History of Colonization

Symbols of the past that reflect negative historical traits are found beyond the South. Christoph Strobel,

Maurizio Valsania, University of Turin – First Among Men: George Washington and the Myth of American Masculinity

We hold the Founding Fathers in high esteem, but what does history say? Maurizio Valsania, professor

Patrick Bahls, University of North Carolina Asheville – The Dollar-A-Lot Program

On University of North Carolina Asheville Week:Β  Programs for helping low-income residents get a home of

Lisa Bitel, University of Southern California Dornsife – St. Valentine

The history of Valentine’s Day might not match up with our current incarnation. Lisa Bitel, professor

Miriamne Krummel, University of Dayton – The Empire of Time

Do you have the time? Miriamne Krummel, professor of English and medieval studies at the University

G. Samantha Rosenthal, Roanoke College – Transgender History in Forgotten Places

Trans rights are becoming more mainstream in cities, but what about rural areas? G. Samantha Rosenthal,

Frederick Engram, University of Texas at Arlington – Teaching The Truth Should Not Be Controversial

Teachers aren’t always allowed to teach what they believe. Frederick Engram, assistant professor of instruction at