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Ken Gonzales-Day, Scripps College – Queer-ish

On Scripps College Week: Photography can reveal many hidden things about the people who lived centuries

Ayse Zarakol, University of Cambridge – Lessons From Historical World Orders for our Current Crisis

Looking back in history can help us solve the problems of today. Ayse Zarakol, professor of

Robert Thorson, University of Connecticut – Stone Wall Science

Stone walls are an important landmark in the Northeastern U.S. But what can they tell us?

Ken Jones, Northern Kentucky University – A Forgotten Voice is Heard

The arts can bring forgotten voices to the forefront. Ken Jones, professor of theatre at Northern

Eric Jackson, Northern Kentucky University – A History of Black History

The field of Black Studies has a lot more to teach us. Eric Jackson, professor of

Steve Minton, University of Plymouth – Residential ‘Schools’ and Indigenous People

We’re still learning about the horrors of residential schools for indigenous peoples. Steve Minton, associate professor

Janet Bednarek, University of Dayton – There is No Place Like Home – at the Airport?

The airport is a place to get in and out of as quickly as possible, but

Dawn Biehler, University of Maryland Baltimore County – Learning From Central Park’s History

Green space in cities is limited, so how do we make the land work for everyone?

Kerry Dean Carso, SUNY New Paltz – Follies in America

Everyone loves a room with a view. Kerry Dean Carso, professor of art history at SUNY

Amy Froide, University of Maryland Baltimore County – The Long History of Financial Fraud

On University of Maryland Baltimore County Week:  Financial fraud may be in the news, but it’s