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Shannen Dee Williams, University of Dayton – America’s Real Sister Act

On University of Dayton Week:Β  Popular films can have a positive impact on certain groups, but

Amit Kumar, University of Texas at Austin – Doing Good Feels Surprisingly Good

Want to feel good? Do good. Amit Kumar, assistant professor of marketing and psychology at the

Timothy Hampton, University of California Berkeley – Cheerfulness, Then and Now

Have you been cheerful lately? Timothy Hampton, Aldo Scaglione and Marie M. Burns Distinguished Professor of

Olivia Holmes, Binghamton University – Is an Embryo A Person? The Medieval Tripartite Process of Ensoulment

The abortion rights debate will go into the future, but it started long ago. Olivia Holmes,

Rachel Gevlin, Birmingham-Southern College – What Novels Can Tell Us About Gendered Responses to Adultery

Novels have always been a way to understand a time and place. Rachel Gevlin, assistant professor

Christopher Junium, Syracuse University – A Sulfurous End For The Dinosaurs

Why did the asteroid that heralded the end of the dinosaurs have such a profound impact?

Jeff Miller, SUNY New Paltz – Lessons on Democracy from Ancient Athens

Where should we look for lessons on sustaining democracy? Jeff Miller, professor in the department of

Lewis Eliot, University of Oklahoma – Checking Privilege: Competing Anti-Slavery Thought in the British Empire

Banning slavery doesn’t end all of its vices. Lewis Eliot, assistant professor of history at the

Christoph Strobel, University of Massachusetts Lowell – A State Flag and the Violent History of Colonization

Symbols of the past that reflect negative historical traits are found beyond the South. Christoph Strobel,

Maurizio Valsania, University of Turin – First Among Men: George Washington and the Myth of American Masculinity

We hold the Founding Fathers in high esteem, but what does history say? Maurizio Valsania, professor