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Kathy Feeley, University of Redlands – The Rise of the Hollywood Press Crops and the Making of the Modern American Press

On University of Redlands Week:Β  Women journalists have faced many questions about their legitimacy. Today on

Jessie Hewitt, University of Redlands – Men, Madness, and Marriage in 19th-Century France

On University of Redlands Week:Β  Divorce is not pleasant, but can be beneficial. Jessie Hewitt, assistant

Lisa Bitel, University of Southern California – St. Valentine

The history of Valentine’s Day might not match up with our current incarnation. Lisa Bitel, professor

Patrick Hamilton, Misericordia University – The Secret History of Race & Comics

On Misericordia University Week: What do superheroes show us about ourselves? Patrick Hamilton, professor of English,

Rosalyn LaPier, University of Montana – Solstice

The solstices are not just days on a calendar to indigenous peoples. Rosalyn LaPier, associate professor

Derrick Spires, Cornell University – Antebellum Social Media

On Cornell University Week: Was there social media in the 1830’s? Derrick Spires, associate professor of

Gretchen Sorin, Cooperstown Graduate Program at SUNY Oneonta – Driving While Black

The automobile has played a big role in boosting the freedoms of Americans. Gretchen Sorin, SUNY

Salmon Shomade, Emory University – Influence of Colonial Legacies on the Rule of Law

On Oxford College of Emory University Week: Colonial legal structures still hamper African citizens to this

David Resha, Emory University – Documentary Filmmaking

On Oxford College of Emory University Week: Handheld videos are the norm in today’s society. David

Sarah Higinbotham, Emory University – The Violence of the Law in Early Modern England

On Oxford College of Emory University Week: Artists have been commenting on the laws of the