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Julia Kamenetzky, Westminster College – Light Pollution

On Westminster College Week: Light pollution can have a lot of negative effects. Julia Kamenetzky, assistant

James Seidelman, Westminster College – End of Neoliberalism

On Westminster College Week:Β  The 2016 presidential election may have signaled the end of neoliberalism. James

Westminster College Week on The Academic Minute (2019.09.09)

Westminster College Week on The Academic Minute 2019.09.09 Monday, September 9th James Seidelman examines the end

The Academic Minute for 2019.09.02-09.06

The Academic Minute from 09.02 – 09.06 Monday, September 2nd Manata Hashemi – University of Oklahoma

Jenny Wilkerson, University of Florida – CBD

Can CBD be used to treat pain in humans without getting them high? Jenny Wilkerson, research

David Gunderman, University of Colorado – Gottingen

On this Student Spotlight: The Nazis displaced many of math’s greatest minds. David Gunderman, PhD student

Nicole Holliday, Pomona College – What Do We Assume Based on the Voices We Hear

The sound of your voice can tell a lot about you. Nicole Holliday, assistant professor of

John Galbraith, Marist College – Chemical Bonding

Our understanding of chemical bonding might need an update. John Galbraith, associate professor of chemistry at

Manata Hashemi, University of Oklahoma – Cultures of Conformity

Where does the greatest possibility for change in Iran lie? Manata Hashemi, assistant professor of Iranian

This Week on The Academic Minute (2019.09.02)

This Week on The Academic Minute 2019.09.02 Monday, September 2nd Manata Hashemi of the University of