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April Thames, University of Southern California Dornsife – Toxic Racism

Racism is bad for your health. April Thames, associate professor of psychology and psychiatry at the

Ximena Garcia-Rada, Texas A&M University – Consumers Value Effort Over Ease When Caring for Close Others

Caregiving is never easy. Ximena Garcia-Rada, assistant professor of marketing at Texas A&M University, determines that

Bin He, Carnegie Mellon University – Meditation and Mind Control

On Carnegie Mellon University Week: What if you could control something by just thinking? Bin He,

Kathryn Frazier, Worcester State University – The Power of Female Sexuality?

On Worcester State University Week: Women of different races respond differently to female sexuality in the

Sophie Kjaervik, Ohio State University – Narcissism and Aggression

On this Student Spotlight:Β  Narcissism can lead people to behave in all sorts of bad behavior.

Rachael Clark, Northern Kentucky University – Hope in Poverty

On Northern Kentucky University Week: Engaged students can help a community thrive. Rachael Clark, professor in

Arash Javanbakht, Wayne State University – Effects of Mass Shootings on Non-Victims

Non-victims can be affected harshly by mass shootings. Arash Javanbakht, associate professor in the department of

Tyler Anderson-Sieg, University of South Carolina – Our Strategically Lazy Brains

On this Student Spotlight: We are all busy, and so are our brains. Tyler Anderson-Sieg, PhD-student

Lina Begdache, Binghamton University – You Are What Your Stress Level Is During the Pandemic

There have been dramatic shifts in wellness for everyone during COVID-19. Lina Begdache, assistant professor in

Ingrid Nelson, Amherst College – We’ve Always Done Nothing

Not doing much during the pandemic?Β  Don’t sweat it. Ingrid Nelson, associate professor of English at