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Steve Sloman, Brown University – Bringing Evidence to Bear without Understanding

On Brown University Week:  How do people form their opinions on today’s issues? Steven Sloman, professor

Oriel FeldmanHall, Brown University – How Do We Figure Out The Hidden Motives of Others?

On Brown University Week:  We all keep some motivations for behavior hidden. Oriel FeldmanHall, assistant professor

Mary Carskadon, Brown University – Adolescence, Sleep, and School

On Brown University Week:  The last thing a kid wants to do is wake up for

William Warren, Brown University – Studying Human “Flocking” to Understand Collective Behavior

On Brown University Week: Animals aren’t the only ones who flock together. William Warren, chancellor’s professor

Rosie Shrout, Purdue University – Stress is Contagious in Relationships

If your partner is stressed, chances are you are too. Rosie Shrout, assistant professor of human

Asia Eaton, Florida International University – How a Culture of Care Can Help Change a Problem like Homelessness

On Florida International University Week: Homelessness is an ever present problem. Asia Eaton, associate professor of

Anthony Dick, Florida International University – Disaster News Can Trigger Post-Traumatic Stress in Kids

On Florida International University Week: Disaster news can trigger post-traumatic stress in kids thousands of miles

Greg Townley, Portland State University – Findings From a Mixed-Methods Evaluation of an Alternative First Responder Program

On Portland State University Week:  Should the police be among the first responders for certain 911

Bryan Cochran, University of Montana – The Health and Well-Being of LGBTQI+ Individuals

On University of Montana Week:  LGBTQI+ individuals still face many stigmas. Bryan Cochran, professor of clinical

Emily Marshall, Franklin & Marshall College – Parents’ Worry About School Health Risks During COVID-19

On Franklin and Marshall College Week:  Parents have an extra set of worries when sending kids