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Brittany Morey, University of California, Irvine– The Central Role of Social Support in the Health of Chinese and Korean American Immigrants

On University of California, Irvine Week: Immigrants can thrive with a strong support network. Brittany Morey,

Amal Alachkar, University of California, Irvine – Trauma-Induced Depression

On University of California, Irvine Week: Trauma from war is a painful truth. Amal Alachkar, associate

Jennifer Wegmann, Binghamton University – Stress-Enhancing Mindset

On Binghamton University Week: Stress is an everyday fact of life. Jennifer Wegmann, lecturer in Health

Charlotte Alexander, Georgia State University – Sorry (Not Sorry) Decoding #MeToo Defenses

The #MeToo Movement has made a dent, but there is still work to do in our

Joe Cobbs, Northern Kentucky University – The Rage and Riches of Rivalry

Rivalries are important for the business of sports. Joe Cobbs, professor of sports business and event

Kristin Anderson, University of Houston-Downtown – How Entitlement Explains Inequality

The battle against inequality in our society is ongoing. Kristin Anderson, professor of psychology at the

Tim Franz, St. John Fisher College – Making Team Projects Work

Team projects can be fraught, but are important as a learning tool. Tim Franz, professor of

Mark Miller, Hokkaido University – Warping Effects of Social Media

The ills of social media are becoming more apparent by the day. Mark Miller, assistant professor

Richard Lopez, Bard College – Emotion Regulation Strategies: Know Your Toolbox

Our emotions run the gamut, and we need a toolbox of strategies to cope. Richard Lopez,

Edna Chun, Columbia University – Systemic Racism

Systemic racism hasn’t always been in the news. Edna Chun, lecturer at Columbia University, explores this