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Amity Noltemeyer, Miami University – Student and Staff Wellness Needs in the Pandemic Context

Schools have had a tough time dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Amity Noltemeyer, professor of school

Laura Doering, University of Toronto – Imposing Penalties Can Deter Rule Breakers – But The Timing Needs To Be Right

Doling out punishment may be a concern of when, not how much. Laura Doering, assistant professor

Linda Charmaraman, Wellesley College – For LGBTQ Youth, Social Media Can Have Unexpected Benefits

Social media’s drawbacks are well documented, but there are positives too. Linda Charmaraman, senior research scientist

Arash Javanbakht, Wayne State University – How to Protect Your Family From Horrific News – and Still Stay Informed

Bad news is a constant in today’s ultra-connected world. Arash Javanbakht, associate professor of psychiatry and

Vaishali Raval, Miami University – Conversations About Race

Are white parents talking to their kids about race? Vaishali Raval, professor of psychology at Miami

Tomoko Udo, University at Albany – Suicide Attempts Are Common in U.S. Adults with Borderline Personality Disorders

On University at Albany Week:  Death by suicide for those with Borderline Personality Disorder is all

Steve Sloman, Brown University – Bringing Evidence to Bear without Understanding

On Brown University Week:  How do people form their opinions on today’s issues? Steven Sloman, professor

Oriel FeldmanHall, Brown University – How Do We Figure Out The Hidden Motives of Others?

On Brown University Week:  We all keep some motivations for behavior hidden. Oriel FeldmanHall, assistant professor

Mary Carskadon, Brown University – Adolescence, Sleep, and School

On Brown University Week:  The last thing a kid wants to do is wake up for

William Warren, Brown University – Studying Human “Flocking” to Understand Collective Behavior

On Brown University Week: Animals aren’t the only ones who flock together. William Warren, chancellor’s professor