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Ben Ho, Vassar College – Why Trust Matters

How do we gain trust in one another? Ben Ho, associate professor of economics at Vassar

Caroline Brackette, Mercer University – Mental Health and College Satisfaction

Mental health disabilities can be hidden, but still have a large effect on college students’ satisfaction

Karen Brakke, Spelman College – Development of Coordinated Skill in Toddlers

On Spelman College Week: Β No parent likes a toddler with a drum set. Karen Brakke, full

Jacqueline Evans, Florida International University – CogTracer

Do you remember everyone you interacted with in the last few days? Jacqueline Evans, associate professor

Kyle Fruh, Duke Kunshan University – Fair-Weather Fan

The fair-weather fan gets a lot of contempt from the die-hards. Kyle Fruh, assistant professor of

Yuval Avnar, Scripps College – News Echo Chambers

On Scripps College Week: Are news echo chambers really a bad thing? Β Yuval Avnur, professor of

Mateo Cruz, Bentley University – Response to Systemic Stereotype Threat

On Bentley University Week: There are many challenges for women in STEM fields. Β Mateo Cruz, Mateo

Timothy D. Golden, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Telecommuting

On Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Week:Β  Are employees as productive while telecommuting? Timothy D. Golden, professor of

Robin Zebrowski, Beloit College – Intercorporeality

Many of us are missing shared spaces right now. Robin Zebrowski, associate professor of cognitive science

Samuel Lyndon Gladden, University of Houston Clear Lake – Masked Manners: Pandemic Politeness and the New Normal of Non-Expression

Wearing masks due to COVID-19 has changed how we interact with each other. Samuel Lyndon Gladden,