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Katie Paulich, University of Colorado Boulder – The ABCs of Screen Time

Is too much screen time bad for children? Katie Paulich, PhD student at the University of

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Leaving people to suffer alone has negative effects. John Lefebvre, professor of psychology at Wofford College,

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Cyberbullying can cause a vicious cycle. Gary Giumetti, professor of psychology at Quinnipiac University, examines how

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What gets you selected for a team project may be a surprise. Cynthia Maupin, assistant professor

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Having vague goals makes them even harder to reach. Joanne Dickson, associate professor of psychology at

Mariusz Kozak, Columbia University – Music as a Structure of our Movements and Emotions

Music could be one way to heal after the pandemic. Mariusz Kozak, associate professor of music

Jacqueline Rifkin, University of Missouri Kansas City – How Nonconsumption Can Turn Ordinary Items into Perceived Treasures

What makes trivial things seem special to someone? Jacqueline Rifkin, assistant professor of marketing at the

Art Markman, University of Texas at Austin – Coherence, Belief Change, and Convincing Other People

Differing beliefs are at the forefront of our mind. Art Markman, professor of psychology and marketing

Karla Vermeulen, SUNY New Paltz – The Post 9/11 Generation’s Safety Perceptions

The effects of 9/11 are still being felt today. Karla Vermeulen, assistant professor of psychology at

Mahtab Jafari, University of California Irvine – Student Stress and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a toll on mental health. Mahtab Jafari, professor in the school of