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Matthew Boedy, University of North Georgia – Student Reactions to Kent State and COVID-19

Higher education will look different after COVID-19. Matthew Boedy, assistant professor of rhetoric and composition at

Cinzia Pica-Smith, Assumption University – Interracial Friendships

The flow of migrants into southern Europe has made classrooms more diverse. Cinzia Pica-Smith, associate professor

Riana Anderson, University of Michigan – Stressors and the Black Community

On University of Michigan Week: Β Black communities are facing a stronger threat during the pandemic. Riana

Melissa Borja, University of Michigan – Anti-Asian Hate Incidents and COVID-19

On University of Michigan Week: Asian Americans have faced hate incidents in the wake of the

James Petrick, Texas A&M University – The Effects of Travel

On Texas A&M Center for Sports Management Research & Education Week: How does travel affect you?

Jeff Lating, Loyola University Maryland – Psychological First-Aid

On Loyola University Maryland Week: We could all use some psychological first-aid right now. Jeff Lating,

Trysh Travis, University of Florida – Magical Thinking

How are we dealing with the pandemic? Trysh Travis, associate professor at the center for gender,

Allison L. Martin, Kennesaw State University – Captive Animals

On Kennesaw State University Week: Improvements to zoos can improve life for the animals that live

Catherine Franssen, Longwood University – Outdoors as PTSD Therapy

On Longwood University Week:Β  PTSD sufferers can look to re-wire their brain by getting outside. Catherine

Sarai Blincoe, Longwood University – Trust

On Longwood University Week: Β There’s lots to consider when deciding whether to trust someone. Sarai Blincoe,